Sunday, 31 May 2009

Suki Spa

Suki Spa launches at Naturisimo.

It's amazing how quickly Suki Spa products have gone from being just an exciting new organic skincare range to one of my favourite skincare lines. Despite the price tag, when you start using Suki Spa on your skin, its pure natural feel and immediat
e effectiveness, makes you want to get the complete Sukispa range into your skincare routine.

Not only the packaging screams luxury but the soft creamy textures inside are just as good as they look ... smooth, creamy and light with the most incredible soothing smells and more importantly, visible results. Seeing Suki herself and her luminous, completely blemish-free and even skin, is enough to convince anyone she knows what she is doing when she formulates her Suki products.

I particularly love the Suki Spa Facial Lift Firming Cream (£125.95), Suki's most advanced combination of proven active ingredients to combat visible signs of ageing. This ground-breaking treatment formula protects and heals skin and feels firming and deeply nourishing. It contains a unique tetrapeptide complex to firm skin and high performance antioxidants such as olive leaf, green tea (10x more potent than vitamin e) & resveratrol (exceptional free radical scavenger) to protect skin from the ravages of stress, sun & environmental aggressors.

I was also very interested in testing the performance of the Suki Spa targeted bio-brightening face serum (£62.95) as my skin is slightly over pigmented due to excessive sun exposure while I was growing up in Spain. This highly concentrated, oil-free serum is specifically designed to brighten & diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, scars, spots & redness for a more overall radiant, even complexion and it certainly delivered. My skin appeared more luminous and even after just one application. It contains bio natural arbutin, rare songyi mushroom & licorice root (safe alternatives to hydroquinone & other toxic bleachers) to help correct & prevent unwanted discolorations while ime-released vitamin c glucoside targets unwanted spots & hyper-pigmentation and prevents future pigmentation triggers.

Overall I am truly impressed with the entire Sukispa product line. This high-end pure and organic skin care is certainly able to complete with conventional high performance skin products but without any of the toxic and risky ingredients. I am loving this range so expect to see an update from me on more Suki Spa soon.

Suki Spa skincare products
and Suki Spa samples are now available at
- suki SPA facial lift ultimate firming cream
- suki SPA targeted bio brightening face serum
- suki SPA renewal bio resurfacing facial peel
- suki SPA bio C 10% formula face serum
- suki SPA bio active purifying face serum

Saturday, 9 May 2009

NEW! Jurlique

Jurlique launches at
We are absolutely delighted to welcome the newly relaunched Jurlique, new formulations, new packaging and new design.
With a vast array of products to choose from, Jurlique facial range is clearly divided in four main categories, created to target specific skin needs:
* Jurlique Soothing Products for Sensitive Skin.
* Jurlique Purifying Products for Oily skin
* Jurlique Balancing Products for Normal and Combination Skin
* Jurlique Replenishing Products for Dry and Mature Skin.
Plus the Jurlique Biodynamic and Herbal Recovery products address specific skin needs.
The new Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty skin care line is formulated to renew skin by harnessing the biodynamic potency of nature to the maximum. Jurlique products feature proprietary blends of biodynamic and organic herbs and flowers combined with potent, naturally-derived ingredients that soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolorations while helping to renew and strengthen skin.
On the other hand, the Jurlique Herbal Recovery range offers potent botanical concentrate, infused with a rich blend of herbs and precious plant oils to restore, firm, hydrate and revitalise the skin, helping to minimise the visible signs of ageing with daily use.
Jurlique is now available at and Jurlique samples are also available.

Logona Offers

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Suki Offers

Suki Sensitive Cleansing Bar worth £6.30 with product purchases of £50 or over at Simply enter code SUK5 at checkout. The full range of Suki Skin and Suki Spa is available at naturisimo.
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