Friday, 11 June 2010

Trilogy Rosehip oil Reviews

Reviews of Trilogy Rosehip oil
By Beverly S.
Packaging: Dark glass bottle to protect the oil from light with a petite pipette top for precise quantity of oil for each application.Trilogy Skin Care Buff and red coloured label clearly stating the nature of the oil & the fact it is advanced skincare.

I have been impressed with the quality of Trilogy’s packaging as the petite pipette has remained intact delivering the oil precisely throughout the course. I have used another brand with the same style of bottle but have found the dropper became worn with constant use. Trilogy’s is perfect.

Application: Trilogy’s rosehip oil is very easy to apply & is one of the best I have tried. After cleansing & toning I placed three drops on my finger tips, warmed the oil with both hands massaging then gently tapping the oil (like little rain drops) unto my face. I was amazed at how quickly my skin absorbed the oil even though I have dry skin sometimes intense oil take longer to absorb. I didn't notice a strong smell using Trilogy’s ultra fine rosehip oil.

I was pleasantly surprised to note I could use under my eye area which I am sure helped in boosting the effects of my eye cream.

Trilogy's oil didn't sting, drip or remain oily it was skin perfect!

Comments: Trilogy’s rosehip oil naturally contains the optimum levels of unique fatty acids essential to skin health. It can be used on both face and body which makes the oil most versatile & contains a minimum of 80% essential fatty acids. Trilogy use certified organic rosehip oil which is reassuring as it is the first product I used on my skin after cleansing & toning.

I enjoyed using Trilogy’s rosehip oil so much I ordered their cream cleanser & facial mist toner both of which reflected the same quality of packaging & results.

Results: Within a short time I saw results! My skin felt moisturized even before I used a moisturizer. I had no problems using the Trilogy rosehip oil morning & evening; at no time did my skin feel greasy. I felt radiant but even better the radiance & softness of my skin was commented on which proved to me the benefits of adding the ultra fine rosehip oil into my routine. My skin tone looked more even & a patch of redness on my chin became less obvious, in fact I barely notice the redness which was a concern for me.

Pros: It works to improve most skin concerns face & body

Simply wonderful - I would purchase

Even skin tone

Improved elasticity

Comments on my radiance seem to have lost the dullness from my complexion confidence boosting. I don't see any issues for people with oily skin as the oil absorbs beautifully

Cons: I didn't have any apart from the fact I will need a huge bottle now!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil 20ml (£16), 45ml (£28) and Trilogy Products are Available From