Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lucy Annabella Organics

Colleen Harte was inspired to create Lucy Annabella Organics when she realised that 'being organic' is as much about what we put on our bodies as what we put into them. She has been an organic health enthusiast for a long time and her aim is to provide a completely healthy indulgent experience that invigorates the mind, soothes the body and nourishes the soul by blending only the most beautifully organic, aromatic essential oils presented in beautiful high-end glass. Here we catch up with founder, Colleen.

So, tell us a little about the story behind Lucy Annabella, and how you chose the name?

The story behind Lucy Annabella is very simple!  I decided to create the brand when I realised that ‘being organic’ is as much about what we put on our body as what we put into it. I am a Complementary Therapist and a Clinical Aromatherapist and I have been an organic health enthusiast for years.  Through my work I lived by the ethos that ‘Our health is paramount to our happiness’. 

So in 2011 after travelling all over the world in search of knowledge and the finest ingredients from organically dedicated farmers I felt the time had come to actively combine all aspects of my life’s loves and pursue my passion to formulate and blend beautifully organic ingredients and share them with the world.

The beautiful name Lucy Annabella was my sweet grandfather’s fond pet name for me. ‘Lucy Annabella’ has great sentimental attachment for me and it sits close to my heart therefore I knew it was the perfect name for my cosmetics.

What do you think sparked your passion for natural and organic ingredients?

I think my organic beginning sparked my passion for organic and natural ingredients.  Between my childhood in the country and growing up with a grandmother and mother who made all our food from scratch with no preservatives or harmful chemicals I was surrounded by a pure way of living and eating and this simply followed through into my career and clinic.  Working with clients for years reinforced to me the need for ‘chemically clean’ cosmetics and I knew I could achieve this by using the best organic ingredients sourced from authentic organic farmers.

Where do you see the brand 5 years from now?

In five years I hope to be shipping Lucy boxes to passionate organic girls all over the world. I want our ‘Lucy lovers’ to have a vast array of choice ranging from treatment oils to lip balms, bath treats, aromatic candles to organic sleep aids.

Are there any plans to expand the existing range?

Yes, I am currently working on two new treatment oils and two antioxidant body moisturisers as well as body scrubs to complement our organic bath milks and 100% organic lip balms which we will start launching this summer.  We have lots of ideas for our ‘Mum and Baby’ and ‘Home’ range which we hope to launch in 2014.  I am happiest when formulating so the ideas are endless.

What do you wish you’d known when you started?

Everything!!! I have learned many lessons to date and I view every day as a learning day. Over the last two years I have built professional relationships with other women in the cosmetics industry. I am fortunate to have access to great mentors who openly part with their pearls of wisdom for the good of Lucy Annabella Organics and myself. 

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The boring stuff is the most challenging. Raising finance and managing cash flow is the most challenging but even the boring stuff is important and needs attention.

What are your every day beauty essentials?

I use our Argan and Bergamot Organic Treatment oil every morning to awaken my skin and senses and I use Papaw ointment throughout the day for. Once per week I use OGARIO London hair mask for conditioning and shine and lastly Trilogy Rosehip Oil for my facial oil, this really is an amazing product, so pure and unadulterated. 

If you could treat yourself to one thing this month it would be...

A body scrub and full body massage with beautiful organic essential oils.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Kentish Cobnut Scrub

The luxurious Kentish Cobnut Body Scrub, £36 from British brand, Mitchell &Peach is our latest body indulgence. It leaves the skin softened, cleansed and invigorated. Formulated with ground shell from the Mitchells’ cobnut ‘plats’, it gently exfoliates, and sugar which is crammed with glycolic acid, moisturises the skin and protects it from toxins.

The Mitchells have been farming the same land in Kent, England, for five generations. Continuing in the family’s tradition, Ian and Jod Mitchell planted fine lavender on the estate. The quality of the essences distilled from the plantation inspired them to create a bath and body range of uncompromising quality. Mitchell and Peach was born.

All Mitchell and Peach products are hand-blended in England using the finest natural ingredients, including matured essential oils from the family’s fields and honey collected from hives on the estate.

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