Friday, 26 February 2010

Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel Reviews

Review of Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel
by Gillian L.
PACKAGING - The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel trial sized gel comes in a neat glass pot which is very compact to slip into a toilet bag. The standard size comes in a 50ml bottle with pump dispenser enclosed in a box. All packaging is recyclable.
APPLICATION - The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel is applied twice daily, to a damp face, using the fingertips. Massage in gently and rinse well. Only a tiny amount is needed as this is a very concentrated and rich gel. It forms a lovely rich, lemon scented lather which was most refreshing in the morning. The tub was handy but I found it difficult to get small enough quantities so I ended up with too much and lots of lather for the hands also!
INGREDIENTS - As the name implies all ingredients of the Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel are organic, vegetarian and cruelty free and use only the purest ingredients - vegetable glycerine gently cleans and soothes the skin; neem provides anti bacterial action and essential oils of lemon and bergamot. This lovely herbal blend is targeted at normal tending to oily and blemished skins.
RESULTS - The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel smelled divine and was eagerly tried by my teenage son and daughter whose skins are oilier, with very pleasing results. They particularly liked the fresh lemony scent which they said made them feel fresh and clean. I think it would be a very popular product with teenagers or anyone prone to spots as it does not have a medicated smell. My skin is combination type but very sensitive,even to essential oils so, unfortunately, I had to stop using it after a day as it left my skin feeling tight, itchy and with dry blotches which I think may be due to the essential oils. I also found the scent a bit overpowering.
PROS - Very good value as such tiny quantities needed. The trial sized 10g pot would easily last for 3 weeks, so handy for holidays.
- Ideal for oily, problem skins as it really does work to calm and clear blemishes.
- Scent is suitable for male or female.
CONS - Too concentrated for very sensitive skins especially if you are sensitive to essential oils. I found the scent also triggered my asthma. However I should have checked the ingredients more carefully and the gel is marketed at normal to oily skins rather than for sensitive ones.

The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel (£16.95) and the full range of Organic Apoteke products are available at

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Jurlique Eye Makeup Remover Reviews

Review of Jurlique Eye Makeup Remover
by Elle A.
This Jurlique Eye Makeup Remover is effective, smells nice and soft on your skin. It doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes, or sting if it gets under your eyelashes, unlike some makeup removers. This Jurlique eye makeup remover doesn’t foam either, which is nice – it’s more like a cream, and it has the same moisturising effect. It can remove even the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner, as well as eyeshadow, foundation and concealer (I’ve only used it on pencil eyeliner though, so I don’t know what it would be like on liquid eyeliner – it worked on mascara though so I guess it would work on that too). Jurlique makeup remover smells faintly of calendula (just a hint – not too overpowering) and doesn’t leave any oily residue. You can use it straight from the tube onto your fingertips and sort of massage it over your eyes that way, but I find it best to put a small amount on a cotton wool ball – that way you can use the other side of the cotton wool to wipe it away afterwards.
Another nice thing about this Jurlique product is the packaging. It comes in an aluminium tube which “squeezes” consistently – no splurges of makeup remover all over the place. The tube is white with black writing – simple, pretty and sophisticated. And, of course, it contains no petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, parabens, sulphates or phthalates – all good!
The Jurlique Eye Makeup Remover (£16.99) and other Jurlique products are available from

Friday, 5 February 2010

A'kin Radiance Rosehip Oil Reviews

Review of A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil
by Anisa B.
The A'kin Radiance Rosehip Oil comes in a medicinal type glass bottle with a dropper. Since you only need 3-4 drops each time, I find it is easy to dispense the right amount each time.

The A'kin Rosehip Oil is a dark golden amber colour and has a herbal/woody smell that is unusual but does not last on the skin. It has a lighter texture than olive oil for e.g. and spreads easily and absorbs quickly onto the skin without it feeling greasy like most oils. 3-4 drops is sufficient for the face and neck and therefore a bottle will generally last 3-4 months. A’kin says that the rosehip oil contains 100% Rosa Canina Seed Extract which is certified organic and it is also rich in Pro Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3, 9 and 6.

I was thrilled to receive the A'kin Rosehip Oil to review as it is a product I’ve been using religiously for approximately 6 months so I feel very confident in its effectiveness. I started using this because I had scars that I wanted to get rid of and I was looking for hydration for my skin as every moisturiser I had been using was still leaving my skin with dry areas around parts of my face. Within a couple of days of using this product, I noticed that all those dry areas were gone, my skin felt softer and was glowing naturally. I have since carried on using it and I have found that my scars and discolouration have faded dramatically, and my skin rejuvenates itself a lot quicker. It is one of those products that I will never be without! It is for anyone that is looking to have brighter skin, a more even skin tone, and to restore skin to a more balanced form. It is also an excellent product to use for wrinkles and for the prevention of wrinkles too. I cannot recommend it enough and have only praise for it!

The pros of A'kin Rosehip Oil are:
- It is good at fading marks/uneven skin tone
- It provides extra hydration for the skin
- It is not as oily and heavy as most oils
- It can be used anywhere
- It provides visible results
- It is suitable for all skin types
The cons are: None

The A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil (£15.99) and A'kin Products are available at

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Trevarno Day Cream Reviews

Review of Trevarno Organic Day Cream
by Elizabeth O.
Packaging: The trial sized Trevarno Organic Day Cream comes contained in a small transparent jar with screw top lid. The full sized versions – available in quantities of either 30ml or 60ml – are contained in a brightly coloured jar which also has a screw top lid and means that you have to dip your fingers into the jar in order to get to the product.
Application: The product is a very light and subtle cream that glides along the skin effortlessly before melting into it. It is absorbed quickly and easily and is not at all greasy and only a relatively small amount is required to moisturize the face and d├ęcolletage sufficiently. The cream imparts a healthy glow rather than a gloss or oily looking sheen to the face and though the glow appeared to fade gradually throughout the day I was left with skin that felt adequately moisturized and supple.
Ingredients: As the first beauty company to meet the Organic Farmers and Growers strict standards in order to gain formal organic certification, Trevarno’s Organic Day Cream is bursting with organic goodies, cruelty free and ethical ingredients and harbors no off-putting nasties such as chemical preservatives or stabilizers. Consisting of Organic Lavender Flower Water, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed extract and Jojoba Oil to name a few, the cream is made up of an appealing list of simple ingredients which combined give off a fresh and pleasant natural scent which lingers subtly on the skin.
Results: The Trevarno Organic Day Cream performed well on my oily, combination skin. The drier areas of my face were well moisturized whilst the oilier patches were regulated and my complexion overall appeared improved, slightly brighter and took on a dewy look after only a few days of using the product. My skin which is at times sensitive and can be quite reactive was not at all aggravated by the cream which also acts as a lovely base beneath makeup, contributing to a smooth and even natural looking finish. The Trevarno Organic Day Cream performed well and is very reasonably priced and therefore would definitely make it onto my Christmas wish list.
My sensitive skin was noticeably relived and soothed by the product.
It is absorbed easily and quickly and has a pleasant yet subtle scent.
It available with or without added SPF sun protection.
The cream makes for a great base beneath makeup.
The product comes contained in a screw top jar which means there is a risk of contaminating the cream as a result of dipping your fingers into it.

The Trevarno Organic Day Cream ( £10.34) and Trevarno Skincare Products are available from

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A’kin Creamy Cleanser & Toner Reviews

Review of A’kin Rose and Geranium Creamy Cleanser & Toner
by Louise M.
Packaging: This A’kin cleanser and toner is packaged in a very practical flip-top squeezy bottle which stands upside down so you can get to every last drop inside. The plastic also means that you don’t need to worry about it smashing which makes it practical for travel. Although it has a smart and classic aesthetic it is also made from recyclable plastic, which environmentally-conscious as well as beauty-conscious consumers will be pleased to hear.

Application: The texture of the A’kin cleanser & toner is wonderful; it has a rich, creamy texture when it comes out of the tube, but it turns to more of a cleansing milk as soon as it gets wet so does not feel too heavy on the skin. The sumptuous texture also means that it is not at all drying or tacky, which is often a problem for my very dry skin.

Ingredients: As you might expect from A’kin which calls itself ‘the purist company’ the ingredients are free from any parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or scents and many other nasties. Similarly they do not use any animal-derived products or test on animals and use certified organic ingredients where possible. Once opened the bottle should last twelve months. I have extremely sensitive skin, especially on my face and I had no problem at all with this A’kin cleanser and toner which is very mild indeed. This product moisturises your skin with shea butter and tones it with witch hazel both tried and trusted natural ingredients. Above all others however my favourite ingredients have to be the rose flower water and geranium oil which give it a really luxurious feminine scent and makes it feel like a real treat to use.

Results: This A’kin product claims to be both a cleanser and a toner, and while I was certainly impressed by this first claim, I am less sure of its toning properties. I wear waterproof eye pencil every day and to my surprise the A’kin cleanser removed it all without any effort at all, my skin felt clean and moisturised with every use. However, I cannot say that I felt as though my skin had been obviously toned. Perhaps this is because I am used to a separate liquid toner, and would certainly be an excellent option for someone whose dry skin prevents them from using more astringent alternatives. In spite of this, A’kin Cleanser and Toner won me over and I would be happy to purchase it again.

Pros of the A'kin cleanser & toner:
It thoroughly removed even waterproof eye makeup without any need to scrub the skin.
It suits all skin types, even very sensitive and dry skins.
It smells divine, very feminine and luxurious.
It lasts for 12 months once open, giving you plenty of time to use all 225ml.

The toning properties may not feel astringent enough for some.
As an Australian company some UK consumers may prefer a brand which has a smaller travel footprint.

The A’kin Rose and Geranium Creamy Cleanser & Toner (£13.99) and the full range of A'kin skin care are available at