Friday, 26 February 2010

Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel Reviews

Review of Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel
by Gillian L.
PACKAGING - The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel trial sized gel comes in a neat glass pot which is very compact to slip into a toilet bag. The standard size comes in a 50ml bottle with pump dispenser enclosed in a box. All packaging is recyclable.
APPLICATION - The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel is applied twice daily, to a damp face, using the fingertips. Massage in gently and rinse well. Only a tiny amount is needed as this is a very concentrated and rich gel. It forms a lovely rich, lemon scented lather which was most refreshing in the morning. The tub was handy but I found it difficult to get small enough quantities so I ended up with too much and lots of lather for the hands also!
INGREDIENTS - As the name implies all ingredients of the Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel are organic, vegetarian and cruelty free and use only the purest ingredients - vegetable glycerine gently cleans and soothes the skin; neem provides anti bacterial action and essential oils of lemon and bergamot. This lovely herbal blend is targeted at normal tending to oily and blemished skins.
RESULTS - The Organic Apoteke Cleanse Gel smelled divine and was eagerly tried by my teenage son and daughter whose skins are oilier, with very pleasing results. They particularly liked the fresh lemony scent which they said made them feel fresh and clean. I think it would be a very popular product with teenagers or anyone prone to spots as it does not have a medicated smell. My skin is combination type but very sensitive,even to essential oils so, unfortunately, I had to stop using it after a day as it left my skin feeling tight, itchy and with dry blotches which I think may be due to the essential oils. I also found the scent a bit overpowering.
PROS - Very good value as such tiny quantities needed. The trial sized 10g pot would easily last for 3 weeks, so handy for holidays.
- Ideal for oily, problem skins as it really does work to calm and clear blemishes.
- Scent is suitable for male or female.
CONS - Too concentrated for very sensitive skins especially if you are sensitive to essential oils. I found the scent also triggered my asthma. However I should have checked the ingredients more carefully and the gel is marketed at normal to oily skins rather than for sensitive ones.

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