Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A'kin Express Purifying Facial Masque

Review of A'kin Express Purifying Facial Masque

By Nadine D

Packaging: When I received the A'kin Purifying Masque to test I was really looking forward to trying it as I am already a convert to the A’kin cleanser and have used their products in the past. The A’kin Express Purifying Facial Masque is packaged in cream coloured plastic tube easily identified with the A’Kin logo. The A'kin product description and usage instructions are detailed on the back along with the full ingredients list. The product lasts for 12 months after opening.

Application: The A'kin Purifying Masque should be applied in a generous layer to dry, cleansed skin and left for 5-10 minutes to work it’s magic. An added bonus is that this can also be used on your d├ęcolletage, although this is very messy unless you’re having a shower afterwards – whoops, I won’t do that again! When I first applied this to my face there was a slight tingling sensation as the clay dried, but this was not unpleasant and did not last very long. I like the fact that when a clay masque is drying, you really feel like it is drawing your excess oils and toxins from your face. If you use warm (not hot) water, it is very easy to wash off and did not go slimy like some clay masques do when you are trying to wash them off. I experimented applying different thicknesses and found that if you only have 5 minutes, just use a thin layer, it works just as well. If you have more pampering time then go for a thicker layer for more luxury.

Ingredients: As with all A’kin products this masque is free from sulfates, ethoxylates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours. It is certified vegan and not tested on animals. The ingredients list is full of recognisable natural products and essential oils, and includes witch hazel to tone the skin and lemongrass and cedarwood to help minimize the appearance of pores.

Results: After the first application, my skin felt deeply cleansed, very smooth and had a wonderful glow. I had no adverse reaction and no breakout of spots afterwards. I used this product twice weekly and my skin is now in wonderful condition. I will definitely continue to use this product.


Easy to apply and wash off

You could really feel the masque working

Results – my skin was bright and refreshed after each use

No adverse reaction


Only wash it off your d├ęcolletage in the shower

A'kin Express Purifying Facial Masque (£11) and A’kin skincare products are available at Naturisimo.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Trilogy Rose Hand Cream Reviews

Review of Trilogy Rose Hand Cream

By Kath A.

Packaging:The Trilogy Rose Hand Cream (£15) comes in a squeezable tube with a flip top lid for easy application. The yellow tube and red and brown lettering are simple and classic.

Application: The texture of the Trilogy hand cream is very light and hydrating, yet it has enough substance to remain on the skin and continue moisturising – it doesn't just fade away to nothing! The scent of Rose is beautiful and calming and also remains on the skin for a while!

I suffer very badly with chapped hands, even in summer and a windy day can chafe my hands so that they bleed so I am always looking for new and effective hand creams. Trilogy hand cream is one of the best I have ever tried as it immediately soothes sore skin and creates a barrier against the wind and weather. This hand cream does not sting as some can and I reach for it whenever my hands feel dry or sore! A really lovely, organic product!

Ingredients: The Trilogy hand cream contains pure, organic rosehip oil, evening primrose and jojoba oils and shea and cocoa butters for a softening but not greasy effect. The hand cream should be kept below 30 degrees so obviously contains fresh ingredients with a limited shelf life, although I haven't put it in the fridge and it's still fine! Trilogy hand cream also contains pure extraction botanicals horsetail, marshmallow and calendula to soothe damaged cuticles and rose flower oil for the lovely aromatherapy type scent!

Results: I feel that this hand cream could be one I've been waiting a long time to discover! It is hydrating and soothing with just the right amount of cover without being too cloying or sticky, yet it remains on the skin without being too quickly absorbed. It works wonders on my dry, chapped hands and is a pleasure to use. Another wonderful product from New Zealand!


  • Effective softening and soothing of dry, chapped hands.
  • Quickly absorbed but continues working and doesn't disappear!
  • A beautiful calming scent of rose – wonderful – aromatherapy on the go!


  • I did have to reapply two or three times to achieve maximum effect
  • The applicator tube tends to splurge out quite a lot in one go!

Trilogy Rose Hand Cream (£15) and Trilogy Skincare from Naturisimo.

Friday, 17 September 2010

NEW Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum

Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum

Just arrived this week, Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum (£68) is a revolutionary facial serum, a first in the natural beauty industry and already lauded by the top Beauty Editor's in the world.

Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum uses three bio-available technologies proven to help the skin repair itself. This breakthrough serum has the highest concentration of Probiotic Technology in the Nude skincare range. Powerful Bioactive Peptides help stimulate Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Fibronectin production, restructuring the cellular matrix to firm the skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Clinical results: Nude Advanced Probiotic Technology repairs cellular damage and corrects ageing and has been clinically proven to:

70% increase in cellular renewal

50% reduction in cellular damage
35% decrease in irritation.

Celebrity fans of the Nude Cellular Renewal Serum include Helena Christensen who is already 'obsessed', Kim Cattrall and Uma Thurman, and Erin O'Connor who has lauded it as 'a knockout'.

Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum (£68) and the full Nude Skincare range are available from Naturisimo.