Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Inika Cosmetics Eyeshadow Reviews

Review of Inika Eyeshadow “Coffee Cream”
by Catherine G.
Packaging: Plastic screw lid jar which holds 1.5g of powder.
Application: This Inika eyeshadow is a very fine powder which gives a light silky feel and is easy to blend in. Using an eyeshadow brush – simply dip into the pot and tap off any excess on the pot lid before applying. If you want to use it as an eyeliner get a slightly damp eyeliner brush and dip into the pot then apply as normal.
Inika products are paraben free and full of lovely organic/natural ingredients with no toxic chemicals. Inika eyeshadow is also certified 100% vegan and cruelty free.
Results: Personally I love mineral make-up and have been using it for the last two year’s. It has been proven to actually be good for your skin so just think you can wear make-up all day without it clogging up your pores! Also it feels so light to wear and the reflective pigments give a luminescent look. Developed by this well known Australian Cosmetics company, this medium brown shade of eyeshadow is long lasting and gives a good depth of colour. Being a mineral powder you can apply more if you prefer it slightly darker but a little goes a long way with this. It gives a very nice natural daytime look and to jazz it up for the evening simply use a little water to create a more vibrant effect.
Very good for sensitive skins as the eye shadow shouldn’t cause any irritation with the nice gentle ingredients they use.
I can see why it won an award at the Natural Beauty Awards in 2008!
Can also be used wet as an eyeliner so two products for the price of one really!
Nothing!! But I am a huge fan of mineral make ups – if you are not used to using mineral make-up it may be worth watching one of the online demos but I find it very simple to use.

Friday, 9 April 2010

NEW: Evolve Beauty

Evolve Beauty is just in! Evolve brings us organic superfood nutrition for beautiful skin in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled milk bottles. Evolve beauty is designed to provide affordable, beautiful eco-friendly organic skin and hair care products that actually work. Evolve certified organic products are food-based and all Evolve products are Vegan and Vegetarian.

Evolve beauty was conceived by Laura Rudoe, founder and driving force behind Evolve. Laura has always had an interest in ethical and environmentally friendly business practices. She is also passionate about food and wellbeing, and has worked extensively using alternative medicine and nutrition to improve her own health. These ideas about natural food-based ingredients working in balance with the body inspired the development of the Evolve range. Laura has spent much of her career in the ethical space, previously working as an ethical venture capitalist investing in eco and ethical businesses. Returning to London after Harvard, Laura became the founding employee and head of development at the award-winning skincare range nude skincare. Laura searched for, but couldn't find, a range of affordable yet desirable organic toiletries, and this led to the idea for Evolve. Evolve natural skincare uses organic, food based ingredients to create a brand of highly effective natural beauty solutions.

The Evolve range includes face, hair and body care. We are loving the Evolve Daily Apple Hair & Body Wash (£8.50), a multi purpose organic hair and body wash for all skin types with a gorgeous apple scent that leaves skin soft and hair shiny. The Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt (£11) clears skin of makeup and impurities and leaves it really clean. My favourite is the Evolve Multi Action Single Cream (£18), a moisturising organic face cream ideal to balance oil levesl and suitable for oily to normal skin. It has a wonderful scent and left my skin soft and deeply hydrated.

Checkout the Evolve Beauty range at naturisimo.com today!