Monday, 2 June 2008

Dr Alkaitis - update

Dr Alkaitis skin care is almost here! The new launch date for Dr Alkaitis in the UK is 28th June and for all those who pre-ordered at Naturisimo, your products will be on their way to you very soon after.

In the meantime, check out the Dr Alkaitis organic skin care review by Helen Brown in this weekend's Style Magazine. In particular, the Dr Alkaitis Replenishing Serum, and the Dr Alkaitis Universal Mask were reviewed. Read on... 'If you favour natural cosmetics and are well versed in organic unguents, you may want to try biodynamic beautifiers for that extra-special something. Dr Alkaitis skincare, the latest cosmetics brand to cross the Atlantic, certainly goes one step further. Using ingredients harvested in tune with the cycles of the moon (apparently, it maximises their healing properties), the range has created a buzz among beauty insiders, not least because we’re intrigued by any supermodel’s skin secret (Karolina Kurkova and Angela Lindvall are fans). And not only are his ingredients biodynamic and organic, they’re also kept in their “living” state during the formulating. [...].
Dr Alkaitis’s products certainly have light textures that could never be accused of clogging pores, but they aren’t as sensuous as most of us are used to. The Replenishing Serum, for example, is so light, it almost seems to evaporate on contact, but once you get used to it, you appreciate how it gently moisturises and tones. The Universal Mask has a ripe broccoli aroma, but, when it is mixed to a thin paste with water, its nourishing vitamins and minerals make skin feel instantly perkier. [...]