Friday, 24 October 2008

NEW Duchess Marden

Looking for a natural skin care range fit for a queen (or a duchess)?
Then you’ve got to check out the Duchess Marden skincare line
by San Francisco-based Marla Steuer. A completely plant-based natural skincare range, it offers a luxurious and ‘scentuous’ experience: an experience that engages your olfactory and limbic systems, enlivening emotions, memory and behavior. Duchess Marden bottles this experience, offering delightfully scented products derived from pure, natural plant-based elements.

Duchess Marden products are created to feel luxurious. with a calming scent of rose. Though most products are designed for all skin types, some are particularly suitable for mature skin. The Duchess Marden Face Cream (£35.50), the Neck and Chest Serum (£37.95) and the Antiwrinkle Serum (£33.95) contain extracts that help fade skin pigmentation and sufficiently rich and potent for mature skin.

The packaging has an oriental feel and screams refined feminine elegance, a gold family crest like swirls adorn these substantial bottles. Marla set out to combine a “scentous” experience. Each product smells elegant and beautiful, all of these rose based beauty products not only treat but refresh.

Duchess Marden products are vegan free from petrochemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and cruelty. Duchess Marden is now available at
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