Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Absolution - A Cosmetic Revolution

Unable to find a cosmetic brand bespoke to her specific needs, Isabelle Carron had her light-bulb moment: an organic brand that would be more effective than conventional ones, with more soul and modern formulas. Not a small feat! Meet the woman who made it happen.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
Difficult question because I enjoy almost ALL the things I’m doing for Absolution. Let’s say the best part for me is all about developing new products: get the idea, think about the ingredients and formula, doing some research, discuss with the lab and Christine, the chemist, about the sourcing, evaluate all the tests, then decide which one will be THE one. That’s for the cosmetics side, but we have also to find the right packaging – and it’s more difficult than you think: the design of the primary and secondary pack, write the texts, etc. This part is the natural follow up of my former job as creative director and general manager when I was in the communication and design field.

I also like a lot to meet customers and stores: it’s always interesting and rewarding to find out what they think of the products, which one is their favourite, how they use it (mix & match it or not …or not always), what is the next product they’re waiting for, if and when I could improve something. Last, and not the least, I enjoy travelling very much! It’s pretty new for me, but it’s a pleasure to discover new countries, cities, and people, thanks to Absolution.

Highlight from the last 5 years of your company
I started about … 6 years and a half ago... May 2008. As a Creative Director, I made my “career” in Global Advertising - I often had to work on beauty accounts throughout my carrier... As a woman, I hadn't fallen in love with a brand as a whole... Some products were good here and there, but there wasn't the kind of range and brand I was looking for. I started to use organic cosmetics 7 years ago, and I my skin really changed in less than 2 weeks. That experience convinced me that organic skincare was really better for the skin (and health) but moreover was also more efficient than traditional cosmetics. I also strongly believe in the philosophy that the skin is a living ecosystem, a communication interface always balancing to be at its best according to various information: external (weather, pollution, heat, AC...) and internal (diet, smoke, sleep, moods etc...). Therefore it doesn't need the same care every day! There is no cosmetic brand that offers the possibility to treat our skin daily according to its very specific needs. Finally, I thought that the aesthetics of the organic brands were not modern enough. I was looking for more than just that.This is why for me there were a real place on the market for a new proposition, with more spirit and soul, with a great quality and organic high standard, daring to speak differently to people ready to go organic but not willing to go for it by giving up on pleasure of all senses... I tried to ally all these things in a brand, and Absolution was born...