Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trilogy Sensitive Cleansing Cream Reviews

Review of Trilogy Sensitive Cleansing Cream
By Sandra C.

Packaging: Trilogy Sensitive Cleansing Cream comes filled in a recycled plastic tube. Plastic tube is one of my favourite storage packaging. Not only that it’s light to carry, free from contamination but I can also squeeze the last drop of content instead of wasting it. A full size 150ml priced at £20, it is slightly expensive.

Scent: Since this Sensitive Cleansing Cream is for sensitive skin, there is no fragrance which I absolutely embrace it. I always feel sick when I use some very good organic products but with extremely strong smell. I can’t smell anything in this cleanser which is rather pleasant for me.

Ingredients: I know I can trust Trilogy Products because I know the ingredients they contain are always natural. The only thing I was disappointed is that they put preservative Phenoxyethanol in it. With the price tag, I would expect they do better than that. Apart from that, they have packed a lot of pure plant oil such as Chamomile, Evening Primrose and Calendula.

Result: I never really like cream cleanser because I always feel it just doesn’t cleanse the dirt off properly. Moreover, I don’t like my face feeling a bit sticky afterward. I didn’t use it at all for a month until last week when the weather was so cold that central heating was on even when I was sleeping. Then I realised how good this cleanser was, I tried my normal cleansing gel but it literally stripped my facial moisture that it really hurt. So I swapped to Trilogy Sensitive Cleansing Cream and it was so soothing to my skin and it is a must in harsh winter. It left my skin so moisturised and not itchy anymore. The best thing is when it was so cold in the morning that I didn’t even want to wash my face, I just massage a small amount of this cream to my face and then tissue off. It is so easy and stress free.

Very moisturising and soothing.
Packaging is light and hygienic.
It is filled with lots of pure plant oil.

There is Phenoxyethanol in it.
Slightly expensive.

Trilogy Sensitive Cleansing Cream ( £20) and Trilogy Skincare Products are available from naturisimo.com

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Akin Cellular Radiance Serum Reviews

Review of Akin Cellular Radiance Serum

By Catherine Geiger

Packaging: Akin Cellular Radiance Serum comes in a 23ml brown glass bottle with a pipette for ease of use.

Application: Applied after cleansing at night, you just need 3 or 4 drops so this product will last for ages. The pipette allows you to easily dispense just enough for each application. You can follow this with your favorite moisturiser to really lock in the moisture and give your skin a good overnight treatment. The serum soon melts into your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy at all.

Ingredients: Akin Skincare products are free from sulfates, parabens, petrochemical cleansers, mineral oils, artificial colours & fragrances. It’s good to know that they only use the purest ingredients and their products are formulated without animal ingredients or animal testing and are vegan certified too.

The primary ingredient is organic Rosehip Seed Extract which has been used for many years to treat skin problems and is rich in omega oils and Vitamin C so already this is a great start! But, wait for it! As well as this there is Seabuckthorn Fruit Extract which is said to promote skin cell regeneration and is rich in natural vitamin E and Pomegranate Seed Extract and Amaranth Seed Extract. Both these ingredients hydrate the skin and help to protect against damaging free radicals. Chamomile Extract is particularly soothing and refreshing for sensitive skins and Calendula Extract is known for its powerful soothing properties. Echium Oil is a rich source of omega essential fatty acids, helping to fight the appearance of wrinkles as well as increasing skin suppleness and elasticity.

So as you can see this product is packed with anti-aging ingredients which are all organic and produced with chemical free extraction.

Results: Having just returned from a lovely holiday in Sydney, I was very pleased to get the opportunity to test a product from the Akin range which is actually produced there. This lovely serum looks just like liquid gold and leaves skin feeling smooth, firm and glowing.

It also helps to diminish the appearance for fine lines. Research has shown that products with vitamin A, C and E are particularly good for reducing signs of ageing so seeing as this product has all three this is one I will continue to use! I really was impressed with Akin Cellular Radiance Serum from the first use and would recommend it to all my friends! Great value for a great product.


Feels like an expensive luxury product yet very well priced

Great pipette dispenser means allows for controlled use and therefore no waste

Leaves the skin looking more even and smooth

Suitable for all skin types

Amazing anti-aging ingredients



Akin Cellular Radiance Serum (£16.99) and A’kin Products are available at naturisimo.com