Tuesday, 18 January 2011

John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask Reviews

Review of John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask
Kelly B

Packaging: John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask comes in an amber glass jar with a black plastic screw top lid in a cardboard recyclable box. Amber glass is great for protecting ingredients from exposure to light and glass is also excellent for preserving the product. Importantly no leaching of chemicals into the product which happens with products that come in plastic packaging.

John masters organics is very environmentally aware and only use the minimum amount of ink (on their packaging) which is always printed on 100% recycled and unbleached paper. The packaging looks elegant and expensive and the muted tones give a really natural feel to the product.

Application: The texture of John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask is creamy but not at all oily or greasy. It is fluid and light and easy to apply and spreads effortlessly.On the packaging it states to apply the mask to damp skin, but I found it best to emulsify some of the product in my hand with a small amount of water and then apply. This method allows a lovely creamy application and allows the product to go even further. As with all products that come in jars I recommend using a clean spatula to extract product each use to prevent bacteria from fingers from entering the jar (which multiply and spoil ingredients and effect shelf life).

The scent of this John Masters Organics mask is a delicate floral calendula fragrance with undertones of ylang ylang oil. It also has kind of woody and musky fragrance that I felt was unisex. I loved the smell and found it very calming and relaxing.

My skin is very sensitive and John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask was lovely and soothing and calming on my skin. I could even apply it right underneath and around the delicate eye area with no negative skin reaction.

The mask stays moist but gradually absorbs into the skin and seems to firm and tighten the skin as it is absorbed. The skin appears to drink the product right in. After 20 minutes the mask was easy to remove with a damp face cloth. On several occasions I left it on my skin for about an hour and this was absolutely fine and no sensitivity. On each application I rubbed the excess onto the backs of my hands and found it very hydrating and softening.

This mask would be perfect for those with oily skin or acne or anyone whose skin needs moisture but is suffering a breakout. Such skin can often be dry due to harsh products applied to dry out spots, but would not benefit from greasy oils as this would exacerbate acne. John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask on the other hand provides moisture and hydration with no grease or oilyness and no blocking of pore (it actually tones and closes pores). This organic mask is different to other moisturising masks which tend to use rich greasy ingredients with seem to plump the skin up and make skin feel soft. Whereas John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask tightens, firms and hydrates in a lifting non oily way.

Ingredients: John Masters products use only the finest ingredients as they believe ‘only the world’s finest botanicals can make the world’s finest products’. All John Masters products must be 75-100% organic. Importantly the essential oils used by John Masters must be steam distilled and not extracted with propylene glycol which actually kills the effect of the oils. Plus only cold pressed plant oils are used rather than heat distilled which kills the therapeutic properties of plant oils. So this means that the ingredients used in John Masters products are of the most potent and highest quality.

Now onto the ingredients contained in the John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask. The main ingredient is aloe vera leaf juice which is well known for its deeply hydrating, nourishing, healing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging benefits. Sun flower seed oil for hydration. Shea butter for moisturising and anti-aging effects. Algae extract for skin nourishing and healing. Calendula flower oil for added healing, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Rice, which softens and heals the skin whilst assisting to prevent wrinkles. Rose flower oil for astringent and softening effects. Rosemary leaf extract for its astringent and toning action. All natural preservatives, using aspen bark which protects against harmful bacteria. Importantly all John Masters products are free from harmful toxic ingredients such as parabens, TEAs, DEAs, GMOs, petro-chemicals, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances. Plus no animal testing.

Results: I am really pleased with the results of John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask. After one application there is a noticeable glow to the skin. After removing the mask skin is left refreshed soft and dewy with a lovely luminescence. I feel that better results are achieved after several uses. After three applications (on consecutive days) I noticed redness reduction and a tightening and firming effect. My skin felt very soft to the touch and it definitely took away some skin redness too (maybe 50%). I used it three times a week for 3 weeks and my skin looked healthier, firmer and more hydrated.

John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask has a much more hydrating effect when emulsified first in your hand with a little water. Without mixing with water and simply applying to damp skin, skin is hydrated but not so soft and dewy. This organic mask seems to firm and tighten skin as it is absorbed. I didn’t notice any real reduction in wrinkles but my skin did look more refreshed and relaxed and the skin tone was more even.

John Masters Calendula Mask is perfect for oily, acne prone skin and those who want toning and firming with hydration. For very dry skin (without breakouts) I feel a more rich and creamy mask would be more suitable such as Caudalie Moisturising Mask which is fantastically hydrating, doesn’t dry and can be left on as an overnight treatment. This Caudalie mask definitely reduces fine lines and wrinkles. However more greasy masks such as Caudalie Moisturising Mask would be less suitable for oily or acne prone skin that need moisture.

I am a real fan of moisturising masks and have never before tried one that hydrated in a non greasy way and I think John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask really fills a need. If I suffer dry skin and a breakout John Masters Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask would be the only hydrating product I would use.


Gives skin a dewy glow after one application
Effects increase with each use
Fluid texture easy to apply
Firming gentle astringent tightening effect
Makes skin silky soft
Doesn’t block pores
Reduces redness
Non oily
Tone skin and closes pores
Good hand mask
Organic ingredients
Free from parabens and other harmful ingredients
No animal testing


Product comes in jar so it therefore exposed to air each time lid is opened
Because of coming in a jar a spatula is needed to preserve ingredients and prevents introducing bacteria from hands.
Quite expensive

John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask (£26.00) and John Masters Products are available at naturisimo.com