Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Weleda Skin Food Reviews

Review of Weleda Skin Food
by Linda B.
Packaging: The Weleda Skin Food comes in a metal tube in a recyclable box. The tube and box have different shades of green on them and both have a clean and neat design.
Application: The texture of the Weleda Skin Food is a very rich cream which glides over the skin easily. It absorbed very well and did not leave a greasy residue. This organic cream is gentle enough to use on the face yet effective enough to use on very dry areas such as elbows, hand, knees etc. I used it on the dry patches on my face every night for 4 nights and it corrected the dryness so I then only had to apply it once every 3 or 4 nights If you pat the Weleda Skin Food onto the face it avoids dragging the skin. Other areas can can have the cream rubbed in until it is absorbed. I also used it as a lip balm and my lips became soft and smooth after 3 days. As my hands can get very dry I applied a liberal amount at night and put on cotton gloves. I have never used such an effective hand cream before and my hands were soft and supple after 4 nights. I used it on my elbows, knees and ankles and it was very effective after a few days. These areas are now ‘flake‘ free and I cannot recommend this Weleda product highly enough. I will certainly make sure I always have some in my home. You only have to use a very small amount as a little goes a long way so use sparingly. Weleda Skin Food has been around since 1926 and is a nourishing, deep penetrating and hydrating treatment for the whole body. It is perfect as a skin remedy and helps protect the skin against the winter weather. After soothing the rough, dry irritated areas you do not have to use it every day as it is so effective.
Ingredients: Weleda Skin Food is completely natural and the full list of ingredients are printed very clearly on the box in Latin and English. The essential fatty acids and vitamin E from the organic sunflower seed oil moisturises and conditions the stubborn dryness. The organic Pansy and Rosemary leaf extract have mild antiseptic properties that calms dry irritations. The biodynamic and organic Calendula flower exctract has anti-inflammatory properties. The delicate fragrance is formed from refreshing essential oils including Sweet Orange and Lavendulae. It also contains lanolin and beeswax and is suitable for vegetarians.
Results: After using Weleda Skin Food for over 2 weeks my skin is soft, smooth and repaired. The results are amazing. I have not found anything so gentle and yet so effective to use on all areas of my face and body. This one product does the job of several other creams which are sold for one purpose.
I would recommend Weleda Skin Food to everyone especially if they have sensitive skin.
1. It is gentle enough to be used by the whole family even on the most sensitive skin.
2. It is very effective at moisturising and conditioning all dry and rough areas no matter how bad they are.
3. It can be used as a protection against the winter weather - ideal for people who work outdoors.
4. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
5. You only have to use a very small amount so it lasts a long time.
6. It is one product to replace several others.
7. It is very reasonably priced and has a long shelf life. (Up to 2 years)
1. The scent takes a few minutes to disappear.

Weleda Skin Food (£6.95) and the full Weleda skincare range is available at Naturisimo.com.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pai Macadamia Rose Cream Reviews

Review of Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream
by Kelly B.
Packaging: I tried the sample jar of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream which is a clear glass screw top jar with white plastic lid. However the 30ml full size is a clear glass pump action bottle which would be more hygienic for more lengthy use. The Pai lettering is black and simple yet classy. The ‘P’ of the word Pai extends into a leaf like shape which appears to appropriately depict the natural ingredients always used by the brand.

Application: The texture of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Cream for dry skin is quite buttery and greasy. A little goes a long way as it seems to melt into your skin as butter would. I found the formulation uncomfortable on my skin as it was just too greasy for my taste. This texture must be due to the high content of macadamia nut oil. I found it too rich as a day cream so I used it as a night cream only. The sample pot gave me 7 uses for my face and neck, more than ample for you to decide if you like it enough to purchase the full size.The Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream's fatty texture seemed to create a film over my skin rather than ever being properly absorbed. My skin appeared to find it hard to breathe through the cream and after the third or fourth application it caused me to break out in a few spots. On the plus side, this organic face cream is gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area. It does not create any puffiness which rich creams used on the eye area often can. The scent of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream is extremely gentle, almost no scent, but very faint undertones of rose can be detected. I like the fact that the Pai organic cream is white so it will not stain the neckline of clothing.
Ingredients: The mainly organic ingredients of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream seem to be an impressive list of known skin hydrators and nourishers, such as; macadamia nut oil, apricot kernal oil, borage oil, shea butter, vitamin e, vitamin a, and manuka oil. Many of these ingredients are also tremendously anti-aging as is the added rose water, rose geranium and frankinscense. Plus importantly, no toxic preservatives.

Results: The Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream is certainly nourishing and my skin was noticeably softer and silkier whilst I was using it. It seemed to reduce some fine dehydration lines and took away a little redness. However I found it far too oily and it appeared to create a water tight barrier that my skin couldn't easily breathe through. I feel there are so many superior natural creams for dry skin such as Logona face creams, and particularly the Comvita Huni range which is fantastically hydrating and gives the skin a real glow.

Pros- A little goes a long way
- Suitable for delicate eye area
- Reduces dehydration lines
- Reduces redness
- Softening and nourishing
- Gentle scent
- White cream (no clothes staining).
Cons- Too greasy
- Difficult for skin to breathe through
- Too oily for daytime use
- Can cause break outs

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream Reviews

Review of Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream
By Elisabeth O.

I couldn’t have been happier on the day the Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream landed at my door. Having wanted for some time to try a more natural alternative to the conventional shaving creams and gels that I have used before, I decided to put it to the test and set about waiting until the growth on my legs resembled Sherwood Forest before putting it to use.

Whipped to perfection the Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream is like a thick but light and silky creamy mousse. It smoothes over the skin with ease performing as though a lusciously protective barrier between the blade and the surface of the skin has been created. Due in part perhaps to the inclusion of a range of fortifying oils such as jojoba seed oil and pomegranate oil with organic shea butter, it feels more like a nourishing balm once applied and nothing like any other shaving cream that I have ever used. Owing to this the blade travels along the skin with a glide rather than dragging and even though there was an abundance of hair on my legs for it to see to, only a small amount of the Whis product was required for each. Both immediately after use and on the following day the skin on my legs appeared calm and moisturised in place of the dry and flaky aftermath brought on by shaving that I have become accustomed to. Whilst the product rinses away from the skin effortlessly, it took a few more swishes under the tap than I am used to before the blade on the razor appeared to be squeaky clean.

Whish shave cream does not produce any foam and once on the skin it is virtually translucent so calls for one to keep track of the areas that have just been shaven as there is no colour or foam in this product to act as a guide for you in use. The gorgeous and yummy scent is more bubble gum like than pomegranate and lingers subtly on the skin for some time after it has been used. This natural shave cream comes contained in a simple plastic bottle with pump dispenser functioning which takes a good few attempts to get working the first time but goes on to deliver just the right amount of product with a few pumps thereafter.

Having wanted to switch to more natural shaving creams for some time I found this one to be a great addition to my routine. Delivering on its promises to moisturise, soothe and nourish, those looking for a new shave cream who are undeterred by the significant price tag will discover that the Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream performs well, smells absolutely lovely and is loaded with plenty of ingredients that will have you saying yes please.
Pros: *Performs well and rinses away from the skin easily
*Leaves skin feeling moisturised after use
*The scent

Cons: Translucent appearance on application makes it difficult to distinguish between the shaved and unshaven areas
*Took some time to rinse blade clean
*The scent may deter some from the product

Whish Shave Cream with Pomegranate (£16.40) and the Whish Body range are available from Naturisimo.com.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pai Organic Cleanser Reviews

Review of Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser
by Sally S.
Packaging The Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser is in a bottle with a pump action top, what a great feature! I firmly believe that the less you dip your fingers in a pot of cream the better. Dipping simply adds bacteria and the product goes off more quickly. The bottle comes inside a cardboard box, the font and packaging in general are classic, no fuss and clean in appearance.

Application The Pai Camellia & Rose cleanser has a soft light textured cream. This Pai product felt gentle and light as I massaged it into my face and neck, it quickly dissolved my make up and did not sting my eyes as I cautiously decided to test their claims that it is suitable for removing eye make up. The fragrance is light, a little rosy and geranium smelling, pleasant and very subtle. I removed Pai cleanser from around my eyes with damp cotton pads and it removed my entire eye make up, for my face and neck I used a muslin cloth which was perfect for gently exfoliating too.

The ingredients list is refreshingly simple and nutritious. The camellia oil is said to be packed full of omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C & E and sweet almond oils nourish the skin whilst the rose water soothes. There appear to be no dubious ingredients sneaked in which could be due to it having the soil association stamp of approval.

Results I used the Pai cleanser for several days and found it kept my normal (ish) skin balanced and even. My skin felt soft not taught after using and completely fresh and clean.

Pros: It softened my skin whilst it cleansed.
Wonderful for sensitive skins, so gentle yet thorough.
I love the pump design to prevent waste and contamination.
The 125ml bottle should last 8-12 weeks- fantastic value for money!

Cons: The smell is so subtle it’s a little boring to use.

The Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser (£20.00) and Pai Organic are available from Naturisimo.com

Monday, 16 November 2009

Rawganic Product Reviews

Review of Rawganic Moisturising Soap
by Ruth H.

: The Rawganic Moisturising Soap is packaged in a simple but effective paper wrapper, which contains details of the product itself and the ingredients. It also shows that the product has met the Soil Association organic standard.

: Although I don’t usually use soap as I find it makes my skin dry, this Rawganic product was surprisingly effective. The Rawganic bar contains bitter orange and juniper oils which make is smell beautiful, and the texture is very creamy. It doesn’t lather like ordinary soap does, but this is due to the lack of sodium laureth sulphate in this product. The lack of lather did not detract from its effectiveness, and my skin felt thoroughly clean after using the soap, but without the usual dryness I associate with ordinary soap.

Ingredients: The Rawganic soap contains over 98% of certified organic ingredients, and uses essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance. The product is non-GM and doesn’t contain parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, synthetic colourants, formaldehyde or urea which can all cause skin problems. The ingredients are clearly listed and give you confidence that the product itself is of a high quality, and will be kind to your skin.

Results: The Rawganic soap is marketed as ‘a gentle cleansing and moisturising soap containing organic juniper and bitter orange’. I think that this product lives up to the claims. The texture of the soap is creamy and it does smell beautiful. The Rawganic company also claim that their products are suitable for everyone including those with sensitive and delicate skin, and again this organic soap lives up to the claim. From the usage so far it appears that the bar will last for some time, and this is another of its advantages. I would definitely buy this soap again, and now I have tried this item from the Raw Organic range I will be looking to see what other items are available.
Pros: Lovely scent
Long lasting product
Ingredients which are good for sensitive/dry skin
Cons: None noted as yet.
The Rawganic Moisturising Soap (£3.50) and the Rawganic skincare line are available from Naturisimo.com

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Cream Reviews

Review of Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Face Cream for sensitive skin.
by Caroline S.
Packaging Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Face Cream is supplied for use in a glass pump-action dispenser bottle, which prevents contamination of the cream with fingers and helps to ensure freshness. The packaging is clear and enables you to see how much product is left at all times. Definitely something you would be happy to have on display in the bathroom.

Application The Pai organic cream initially appeared to be quite thick, of an almost custard-like consistency. However, upon application, you realise that, yes, it is thick, but thick in the same way as whipped cream - dense but very light and silky. It absorbs almost instantaneously into the skin, which I have to admit, surprised me given that its consistency. This Pai cream feels thick but is not greasy in the least. It does not sit on the skin and it does not clog. In fact, I actually found that it absorbed so quickly that I was using more of it than I had expected to, in order to adequately cover my whole face. Once the cream has sunk into the skin, it leaves a very matte finish and "dry" surface, so it is perfect for applying underneath make up. It is also great for people who don't like the feel of a "heavy" cream - as it certainly does feel as though you are bare-faced, it is so light. The smell of this Pai face cream is rather strong upon application and it lasts for a considerable amount of time. If you like the smell of chamomile then you will like this - but if strong herbal smells are not your cup of tea then you might find this a little difficult to adjust to.
I could definitely also smell the rose geranium oil in the cream, however the lavender and neroli oils were overpowered by the chamomile, which was a shame as neroil is probably my favourite essential oil and helps to lift your mood.

Ingredients Certified organic, cruelty free and suitable for vegans.Chamomile, vitamin e and manuka oil are known for their soothing and calming properties. Rosehip, vitamin e and manuka oil are renowned for their ability to heal the skin. Neroli, rosemary and lavender are used to balance the skin and prevent outbreaks of spots/rashes and help to prevent blockages in the pores.

Results For the past few weeks I have been using medicated eye drops, which have caused me to have raised sore, red areas on the skin around the outer corners of my eyes. I tried the Pai organic cream morning and night and was surprised to find that there WAS a noticeable difference after only a couple of days. There was a significant reduction in redness and also skin sensitivity. My skin overall is slightly sensitive but this organic cream was soothing and moisturising and didn't irritate in the least. After using it twice a day for two weeks, I can honestly say that it does moisturise and soften the skin with obvious results. I found it easy to apply and it left me with soft, smooth skin. It wasn't too heavy to use sparingly around the eye area either - which is a brilliant way to save money if you don't want to spend on a separate eye cream. I am impressed with the price of the Pai Chamomile and Rosehip cream as, even though I feel like I am using a large amount per application, I don't actually appear to have used as much as I thought and there is still plenty of product left. This compares very favourably to more high-priced moisturisers I have used and I am definitely going to explore the rest of the Pai skincare range. I am prone to very dry areas around the chin and cheeks (especially in Winter), so I am going to try the Pai Macadamia and Rose cream specifically for dry skin. I feel that the Chamomile and Rose might not quite meet the needs of skin that is especially dry - although it definitely WILL soothe and help to heal dry areas that are also sore. I will certainly continue to use the Pai Chamomile & Rosehip cream for the foreseeable future and mix it with others from the range as the needs of my skin alter.

Pros Fantastic texture, rich and creamy but light
Absorbs quickly with no need for rubbing
Brilliant for wearing under make up
Very soothing on delicate/sore areas
Helps to reduce visible redness of sore areas
Great price for a really high quality product
Cons Strong herbal smell which doesn't wear off quickly - may not appeal to everyone
May not be moisturising enough for very dry skin types

Friday, 6 November 2009

Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion Reviews

Review for Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion
by Elisabeth B.

The Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion is contained within a metal tube. I particularly like this form of packaging - it is easy to see how much product you have left and it is also possible to squeeze every last drop from the tube. Many of the Weleda products come in glass bottles and are therefore not ideal for travel, but the Weleda Almond cleanser would be perfect as it is lightweight with no extra bulky or unnecessary packaging. It is simple and wholly recyclable in line with the company’s ethos.

Application: The Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion is light, creamy and cooling on application. I have sensitive skin but did not experience any adverse reactions whatsoever. I used this product to cleanse in the morning and did not have to wait any amount of time for my skin to completely settle before applying moisturiser - something I often have to do when using other cleansing products. The Weleda Almond cleanser is unperfumed but has a light almond fragrance, which is very pleasant. I only wear a light amount of makeup but as this product is so gentle I did not expect it to be able to adequately remove it. However, on testing it did so perfectly. The cleansing lotion is easily removed with warm water, but adding a muslin cloth to the routine adds a little exfoliation to an otherwise extremely gentle product

I particularly like to apply the Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion before my morning shower and to leave on for a couple of minutes whilst in the shower before washing off. Normally my skin feels dry, taught and slightly irritated after a hot shower, but when using this product my skin is calm, comfortable and hydrated.

Ingredients: Weleda skincare is a range that believes in the consistent use of biodynamically grown, fresh ingredients. Reassuringly there isn’t a long list of ingredients for the Weleda cleansing lotion - good news for sensitive skin. Although very gentle this product still provides an effective cleanse, lactic acid is one ingredient that gently loosens dirt from the pores without irritating skin.

Results: This is one of the first cleansers I am able to use without experiencing even the slightest irritation at all. I would highly recommend it to those with sensitive skin or to anyone looking for a gentle cleansing product. As I have already mentioned, the fact that the Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion does not cause any reaction at all, leaving my skin so calm that I can immediately follow with moisturiser and makeup is the reason I will almost certainly purchase this product in the future.

Pros: Extremely gentle and perfect for sensitive skin
Leaves skin feeling soft, calm and clean
Packaging is minimal and ideal for travel
Inexpensive but very good quality

Cons: Perhaps won’t give a deep enough cleanse for some skin types
May struggle to remove heavy, waterproof makeup

Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion (£6.95)and the full range of Weleda skincare products are available from Naturisimo.com

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Balance Me Super Moisturising Wash Reviews

Review of Balance Me Super Moisturising Wash
by Shona B.
The transparent flip top plastic bottle of the Balance Me Body Wash is quite squeezy so you can get the last drops out. The packaging is practical but a bit boring and not that stylish on your bathroom shelf. The white writing on a yellow background is very hard to read and it is not clear weather it’s a body wash or face wash. On further investigation I found that it was a body wash.
This Balance Me product claims to nourish, cleanse and clear impurities whilst calming dry or irritated areas. I found it cleaned my skin well but left it a little dry and itchy and I had to use body oil after using the wash. The gel like texture of this wash is smooth and pleasant. It feels quite light but thick. You only need a little as it spreads well but it doesn’t foam very much. If you want foam I would suggest using a body puff. I also tried it as a hand wash but it didn’t foam enough to make me feel like my hands were clean after using it.
The smell was pleasant enough, mainly a sort of musky patchouli smell with a slight sweetness. It didn’t linger on my skin, which is probably a good thing because I think it would probably clash with a lot of fragrances. It was quite a relaxing smell so better for an evening bath rather than a morning shower. I found I liked it best after the gym to soothe and relax my muscles. The bath was easy to clean after use, which is always a bonus!
Almost 99% natural the Balance Me moisturising body wash is free from parabens, sulphates, DEA, PEGS, petroleum, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and colours, silicones and propylene glycol. It does contain shea butter, lavender, patchouli, geranium, bergamot and yarrow. The product carries the EcoCert stamp but the 5% organic ingredients do not carry the Soil Association mark.
Although I’ll happily finish the bottle I have I don’t think I’ll buy it again. Personally I prefer zestier fragrances and I like lots of foam! I will however be trying other Balance Me products in the range as I was impressed with the ingredients and the quality of the wash (even if it doesn’t quite suit my dry skin).
Easy to use and wash off
Fragrance doesn’t linger on the skin so won’t clash with any fragrances
Relaxing smell
Good ingredients

Left my dry skin a little drier and itchy so that I had to use body oil afterwards
It wasn’t clear what the product was actually for
Doesn’t foam very much
Best For: A relaxing evening bath for people who have “normal” skin and like musky fragrances.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Wash (£12.00) and Balance Me Skin Care are available from Naturisimo.com