Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Balance Me Super Moisturising Wash Reviews

Review of Balance Me Super Moisturising Wash
by Shona B.
The transparent flip top plastic bottle of the Balance Me Body Wash is quite squeezy so you can get the last drops out. The packaging is practical but a bit boring and not that stylish on your bathroom shelf. The white writing on a yellow background is very hard to read and it is not clear weather it’s a body wash or face wash. On further investigation I found that it was a body wash.
This Balance Me product claims to nourish, cleanse and clear impurities whilst calming dry or irritated areas. I found it cleaned my skin well but left it a little dry and itchy and I had to use body oil after using the wash. The gel like texture of this wash is smooth and pleasant. It feels quite light but thick. You only need a little as it spreads well but it doesn’t foam very much. If you want foam I would suggest using a body puff. I also tried it as a hand wash but it didn’t foam enough to make me feel like my hands were clean after using it.
The smell was pleasant enough, mainly a sort of musky patchouli smell with a slight sweetness. It didn’t linger on my skin, which is probably a good thing because I think it would probably clash with a lot of fragrances. It was quite a relaxing smell so better for an evening bath rather than a morning shower. I found I liked it best after the gym to soothe and relax my muscles. The bath was easy to clean after use, which is always a bonus!
Almost 99% natural the Balance Me moisturising body wash is free from parabens, sulphates, DEA, PEGS, petroleum, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and colours, silicones and propylene glycol. It does contain shea butter, lavender, patchouli, geranium, bergamot and yarrow. The product carries the EcoCert stamp but the 5% organic ingredients do not carry the Soil Association mark.
Although I’ll happily finish the bottle I have I don’t think I’ll buy it again. Personally I prefer zestier fragrances and I like lots of foam! I will however be trying other Balance Me products in the range as I was impressed with the ingredients and the quality of the wash (even if it doesn’t quite suit my dry skin).
Easy to use and wash off
Fragrance doesn’t linger on the skin so won’t clash with any fragrances
Relaxing smell
Good ingredients

Left my dry skin a little drier and itchy so that I had to use body oil afterwards
It wasn’t clear what the product was actually for
Doesn’t foam very much
Best For: A relaxing evening bath for people who have “normal” skin and like musky fragrances.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Wash (£12.00) and Balance Me Skin Care are available from Naturisimo.com