Friday, 30 October 2009

Organic Apoteke Eye Cream Reviews

Review of Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream
by Danny S.
The Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream comes in a transparent 15 ml glass bottle with a plastic pump dispenser inside a 100% recycled green and white box. The dispenser pumps out just enough eye cream for application of both eyes and the lips.
The texture of the Organic Apoteke Eye Cream is like a cream-gel type consistency allowing easy glide and application. It can very easily be smoothed on to the eye contour area and then it can be dabbed followed by lightly tapping in the cream. After about 30 seconds or so it will then be completely absorbed without a trace. The eye cream feels silky, smooth and very hydrating and my eyes feel relaxed after application. I use it very close to the eye and it does not cause any irritation what so ever. If there any product left over I put the remainder of the cream on my lips so that none of the product is wasted.
I am actually quite impressed with the purity of the ingredients of this organic eye cream. It has lots of anti ageing and advanced ingredients, such as a peptide complex, Bilberry and Eye Bright to name a few. The eye cream is 93.89% certified organic and 100% natural, amazing! The most amazing thing I love about this natural eye cream is there no alcohol in the product, which is very rare to find in organic skin care products.
After using the Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream for some time, the results I have are excellent. As I’ve gotten older fine and dehydration lines have started to show however after using the eye cream my dehydration and fine lines have significantly diminished. I’m very impressed with this amazing eye cream.
- Its 93.89% Organic and 100% natural.
- It contains no alcohol.
- It’s very hydrating and suitable for all skin types and for all age ranges.
- Contains some excellent anti ageing ingredients.
- Sometimes the pump pumps too much product out (although this can be used on the lips).
- It hasn’t got airless packaging.