Monday, 26 October 2009

Green People Gentle Cleanse Reviews

Review of Green People Gentle Cleanse
by Louise M.
Green People Gentle Cleanse comes in a smart blue and white pump that would look good on the bathroom shelf. The packaging is also recyclable and not air-freighted, testament to the high environmental standards of the Green People UK company, and their attention to detail.
I am a regular user of cream cleansers which suit my dry skin, but I had never used this Green People Cleanser before, so I was excited to try it out. By contrast to many other cleansers I have experienced, this has quite a light, milky consistency which would also make it ideal for normal skin or skin prone to break-outs. I applied a 50p-sized amount to my dry skin, massaged it in and washed it off with warm water and a muslin cloth. It foams slightly when it gets wet (without the aid of sodium lauryl sulphate) which makes it feel luxurious and it removed all of my makeup, including waterproof mascara easily. So often products which leave my face squeaky clean also dry it out, but this was not the case with Green People Gentle Cleanser, there was no ‘tight’ feeling so I didn’t need to rush to slather moisturiser on afterwards!
The formula for this organic cleanser is certified organic, suitable for vegetarians, not tested on animals, contains no nasty chemicals and is ideal for even very sensitive skins. It contains chamomile, aloe vera and marshmallow to soothe inflammation and a blend of oils including hemp and olive which nourish the skin; however it isn’t remotely greasy or heavy so would be well suited to all skin types. Perhaps the nicest ingredient however is the rose geranium oil that gives it a divine fragrance and makes something routine like cleaning your face feel like a real treat.
I was extremely pleased with the results of Green People Organic Cleanser, it delivered on all of its promises: removing makeup, cleansing my skin and leaving it soft. It is also pleasant to use; it is easy, quick and feels luxurious which make it a great way to start and finish your day. Using this product means you don’t need to buy a separate makeup-remover and cleanser, so it offers great value for money and speeds up the morning and evening routines. I would certainly use it again.
*It suits all skin types, even sensitive.
*It removes makeup and cleanses thoroughly without drying the skin out.
*It smells very luxurious and expensive.
*Extremely dry skins may prefer a cream cleanser with a thicker texture.
*It requires a generous amount of cleanser to cover the face, so it is not very concentrated.
*It is not available as fragrance-free for those sensitive to even natural perfumes.