Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trevarno Organic Eye Cream Reviews

Review of Trevarno Organic Eye Cream
by Beverley S.
Trevarno eye cream is beautifully presented in a small opaque purple glass jar with an aluminum coloured screw top lid. It was totally different from any other eye products I have used although I would have preferred it to have a tiny spatula as this organic eye cream is in a jar with very fresh ingredients which are in contact with the air as soon as the jar is opened.
The 4 month shelf life is clearly shown with a reassuring list of natural ingredients. I was pleased to see Eyebright listed as one of the ingredients as I use this in another eye care product & know it is gentle but effective.
Trevarno is intensive and incredibly nourishing! My eye area is extremely fine, possibly finer than most, although I need hydration I mistakenly used too much on the first night. I then used a tiny spatula to lift the tiniest dot out of the jar, applying around the orbital bone. It was vital to use a lot less than I thought I needed, gently tapping around then smoothly massage the cream taking care to avoid the eye lid. The Trevarno eye cream is full of highly nourishing ingredients which is incredible when I considered the price point compared to other products I have tried.
The cream is almost balm like in texture which relates to the fact it is so intensive. The smell is not artificial, it is definitely natural reminding me of a herb garden after the rain. I would consider other products from Trevarno’s range as I now know how nourishing the ingredients are. The eye cream would be something I would use although I would probably apply as an intensive course at the change of seasons or during the daytime as I found it could be too rich for my very fine skin over night. I feel Trevarno’s eye treatment cream is most suited to anyone who really needs to hydrate their eye area. A “little goes a long way” I don’t think I would use all of the cream before the 4mths and this is most unusual for me.
I loved the fact the Trevarno cream didn’t sting & once I learned I only needed to use a dot application was easy. Normally I would use a richer eye product at night but I found my the skin around my eye area tolerated the richer texture during the day time giving a plumper appearance.
• Extremely nourishing
• No hidden nasties just pure ingredients hand made which is wonderful
• Price point is excellent considering the quality of ingredients used
• The intensity could be too heavy for anyone who needs light hydration or has paper fine skin
• The open type jar would concern me with an eye product especially without preservatives.
• A clean spatula would be best to use for cleanliness & lifting the tiniest dot.

The Trevarno Organic Eye Cream (£7.83) and the Trevarno Skincare range are available from Naturisimo.com.