Friday, 30 October 2009

Organic Apoteke Eye Cream Reviews

Review of Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream
by Danny S.
The Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream comes in a transparent 15 ml glass bottle with a plastic pump dispenser inside a 100% recycled green and white box. The dispenser pumps out just enough eye cream for application of both eyes and the lips.
The texture of the Organic Apoteke Eye Cream is like a cream-gel type consistency allowing easy glide and application. It can very easily be smoothed on to the eye contour area and then it can be dabbed followed by lightly tapping in the cream. After about 30 seconds or so it will then be completely absorbed without a trace. The eye cream feels silky, smooth and very hydrating and my eyes feel relaxed after application. I use it very close to the eye and it does not cause any irritation what so ever. If there any product left over I put the remainder of the cream on my lips so that none of the product is wasted.
I am actually quite impressed with the purity of the ingredients of this organic eye cream. It has lots of anti ageing and advanced ingredients, such as a peptide complex, Bilberry and Eye Bright to name a few. The eye cream is 93.89% certified organic and 100% natural, amazing! The most amazing thing I love about this natural eye cream is there no alcohol in the product, which is very rare to find in organic skin care products.
After using the Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream for some time, the results I have are excellent. As I’ve gotten older fine and dehydration lines have started to show however after using the eye cream my dehydration and fine lines have significantly diminished. I’m very impressed with this amazing eye cream.
- Its 93.89% Organic and 100% natural.
- It contains no alcohol.
- It’s very hydrating and suitable for all skin types and for all age ranges.
- Contains some excellent anti ageing ingredients.
- Sometimes the pump pumps too much product out (although this can be used on the lips).
- It hasn’t got airless packaging.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Green People Gentle Cleanse Reviews

Review of Green People Gentle Cleanse
by Louise M.
Green People Gentle Cleanse comes in a smart blue and white pump that would look good on the bathroom shelf. The packaging is also recyclable and not air-freighted, testament to the high environmental standards of the Green People UK company, and their attention to detail.
I am a regular user of cream cleansers which suit my dry skin, but I had never used this Green People Cleanser before, so I was excited to try it out. By contrast to many other cleansers I have experienced, this has quite a light, milky consistency which would also make it ideal for normal skin or skin prone to break-outs. I applied a 50p-sized amount to my dry skin, massaged it in and washed it off with warm water and a muslin cloth. It foams slightly when it gets wet (without the aid of sodium lauryl sulphate) which makes it feel luxurious and it removed all of my makeup, including waterproof mascara easily. So often products which leave my face squeaky clean also dry it out, but this was not the case with Green People Gentle Cleanser, there was no ‘tight’ feeling so I didn’t need to rush to slather moisturiser on afterwards!
The formula for this organic cleanser is certified organic, suitable for vegetarians, not tested on animals, contains no nasty chemicals and is ideal for even very sensitive skins. It contains chamomile, aloe vera and marshmallow to soothe inflammation and a blend of oils including hemp and olive which nourish the skin; however it isn’t remotely greasy or heavy so would be well suited to all skin types. Perhaps the nicest ingredient however is the rose geranium oil that gives it a divine fragrance and makes something routine like cleaning your face feel like a real treat.
I was extremely pleased with the results of Green People Organic Cleanser, it delivered on all of its promises: removing makeup, cleansing my skin and leaving it soft. It is also pleasant to use; it is easy, quick and feels luxurious which make it a great way to start and finish your day. Using this product means you don’t need to buy a separate makeup-remover and cleanser, so it offers great value for money and speeds up the morning and evening routines. I would certainly use it again.
*It suits all skin types, even sensitive.
*It removes makeup and cleanses thoroughly without drying the skin out.
*It smells very luxurious and expensive.
*Extremely dry skins may prefer a cream cleanser with a thicker texture.
*It requires a generous amount of cleanser to cover the face, so it is not very concentrated.
*It is not available as fragrance-free for those sensitive to even natural perfumes.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trevarno Organic Eye Cream Reviews

Review of Trevarno Organic Eye Cream
by Beverley S.
Trevarno eye cream is beautifully presented in a small opaque purple glass jar with an aluminum coloured screw top lid. It was totally different from any other eye products I have used although I would have preferred it to have a tiny spatula as this organic eye cream is in a jar with very fresh ingredients which are in contact with the air as soon as the jar is opened.
The 4 month shelf life is clearly shown with a reassuring list of natural ingredients. I was pleased to see Eyebright listed as one of the ingredients as I use this in another eye care product & know it is gentle but effective.
Trevarno is intensive and incredibly nourishing! My eye area is extremely fine, possibly finer than most, although I need hydration I mistakenly used too much on the first night. I then used a tiny spatula to lift the tiniest dot out of the jar, applying around the orbital bone. It was vital to use a lot less than I thought I needed, gently tapping around then smoothly massage the cream taking care to avoid the eye lid. The Trevarno eye cream is full of highly nourishing ingredients which is incredible when I considered the price point compared to other products I have tried.
The cream is almost balm like in texture which relates to the fact it is so intensive. The smell is not artificial, it is definitely natural reminding me of a herb garden after the rain. I would consider other products from Trevarno’s range as I now know how nourishing the ingredients are. The eye cream would be something I would use although I would probably apply as an intensive course at the change of seasons or during the daytime as I found it could be too rich for my very fine skin over night. I feel Trevarno’s eye treatment cream is most suited to anyone who really needs to hydrate their eye area. A “little goes a long way” I don’t think I would use all of the cream before the 4mths and this is most unusual for me.
I loved the fact the Trevarno cream didn’t sting & once I learned I only needed to use a dot application was easy. Normally I would use a richer eye product at night but I found my the skin around my eye area tolerated the richer texture during the day time giving a plumper appearance.
• Extremely nourishing
• No hidden nasties just pure ingredients hand made which is wonderful
• Price point is excellent considering the quality of ingredients used
• The intensity could be too heavy for anyone who needs light hydration or has paper fine skin
• The open type jar would concern me with an eye product especially without preservatives.
• A clean spatula would be best to use for cleanliness & lifting the tiniest dot.

The Trevarno Organic Eye Cream (£7.83) and the Trevarno Skincare range are available from

Monday, 12 October 2009

John Masters Body Wash Reviews

Review of John Masters Organic Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash
by Caroline S.
Packaging: the bottle is a rather classy frosted plastic which looks expensive and is appealing to both men and women.
Application: I've always been tempted by John Masters Organics products but I've never actually tried any until now - so I was genuinely excited when I opened the bottle for the first time.
Don't be put off by your first sniff of the body wash in the bottle. It may seem rather strong and sweet - but this is because it is very concentrated and the vanilla is what hits you first.
When you actually lather up in the heat and steam of the shower, you quickly discover that the foam of the body wash is as far removed from sickly sweet as you can imagine. The vanilla undertones do come through but the main blast of the fragrance is pure, fresh orange. I say "blast" because that is truly what it is. A full assault on your senses of exquisite, juicy, organic orange - the sharpness of the citrus really wakes you up, as though someone has decided to peel an orange right under your nose!
Personally, I love the smell of orange but I generally am not the biggest fan of oranges for actually for eating. However, using this John Masters body wash genuinely made me crave a big, juicy orange to bite into! My mouth was watering! I've never yet tried any orange-scented body wash/bath foam that smells so genuine - and I've been using natural products for years. If you are coming to this straight from regular use of synthetic soaps, then you are in for the biggest surprise of your life!
The vanilla lingers underneath as a gentle, soothing fragrance and takes the edge off the citric tang. It has the effect of making you feel as though you are being wrapped in a huge, soft, fluffy, warm towel. The gel and lather feel very silky and luxurious on the skin and you really do get a sense of indulgence - so it is perfect for grabbing a bit of "me" time, even when you are in a rush!
The only problem I had was that the gel is very thick and concentrated and was difficult to squeeze from the bottle. I would have preferred a pump dispenser - or even a more easily squeezable bottle. I also found that the best way to create a really foamy lather was with a puff - when you apply straight onto the body, the wash slides smoothly over the skin but does not really foam. The end result is the same, however I found that I used far more product when I didn't use a shower puff, so it is not as cost-effective this way.

Ingredients: The key ingredients are: blood orange, bourbon vanilla, pink grapefruit and milk thistle. Blood orange and pink grapefruit are known for their stimulating properties and vanilla is claimed to be soothing and comforting to the senses. Milk thistle is widely used in detoxification. The cleansing agents in the John Masters body wash are derived from corn and coconut - and so are creamy and gentle on the skin, without stripping any natural oils. It does not contain parabens, SLS, DEA's, MEA's or TEA's, artifical colours or GMOs. Certified organic by EcoCert/QAI with no ingredients tested on animals.

Results: Not only did this organic body wash leave me feeling mentally and emotionally uplifted, it also made my skin feel thoroughly cleansed and fresh. It is difficult to get the right balance between moisturising and feeling squeaky clean - but this does both brilliantly. Safe for use even on babies, it is suitable for washing intimate areas and also for use after shaving and on delicate skin - it does not sting at all. It leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturised but without any greasy/oily residue. I didn't find that the smell lingered on my skin particularly, so it wouldn't interfere with the smell of your perfume etc - unless you specifically wanted to layer the fragrance by using the accompanying John Masters Blood Orange and Vanilla body milk.

The smell is truly uplifting and refreshing
It leaves skin feeling clean and soft
Is suitable even for sensitive skins
It is a very concentrated formula
A small amount goes a long way if used with a puff
Suitable for use on the face

The very thick gel can be difficult to squeeze from the bottle. This product would really benefit from a pump dispenser
It doesn't lather easily
It may be too expensive for everyday use.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Rosa Fina Rejuvenating Masque Reviews

Review of Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Rejuvenating Masque.
by Nicky B.
The Rosa Fina Rejuvenating Masque comes in a white plastic tube with a flip top lid. With its black, pink and silver lettering it looks fresh and expensive!

The Rosa Fina masque felt creamy and fresh on my face and even though I had applied a fair amount within 15 minutes it had nearly all absorbed into my skin. It felt incredibly moisturizing, non-sticky and smelt glorious – a gentle hint of sensual frankincense, one of those rich relaxing essential oils that I love. I didn’t know quite what to expect and I can tell you I was so pleased it didn’t turn into one of those masques that you have to peel off. My experience of these is that lots of ‘bits’ get left behind and you end up more stressed than when you started.

I haven’t used any Barefoot Botanicals products before as I’ve previously thought they were quite expensive. However on closer inspection I see that the ingredients of the Rosa Fina mask actually include a whole range of wonderful and I’m sure quite pricey ingredients including essential oils, mowrah butter (from the seeds of two species of the Indian Madhuca or Butter tree), kokum (obtained from the seeds of the Indian Garcinia indicia tree) and rosa moschata (musk rose) – its origins are thought to lie in the western Himalayas. There are no ‘chemical nasties’ in this masque, it is ‘cruelty free’ and ‘suitable for vegans’. The ingredients are 100% ethically-sourced plant derived. Fabulous!

My skin (and I) certainly felt in need of a bit of rejuvenation so I had high hopes for this organic facial mask. I have very sensitive skin and sensitive eyes and my eyes did tingle a little when I first applied the masque, but this sensation immediately disappeared and they felt fine. My skin felt nourished and pampered. I’m going to use the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina masque to brighten up my complexion before an evening out next time.
Smells wonderful and full of lovely exotic ethically sourced ingredients
My skin felt rejuvenated and pampered
It is apparently good for many different types of skin e.g. combination, sensitive, blemished and mature
· It is quite expensive but the quality ingredients are the reason why.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser Reviews

Review of Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser
by Louise M.
Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser comes in a sleek black flip-top dispenser which can easily be stood upright and is recyclable. The packaging feels very robust, and I would put this in my handbag confident that it wouldn’t explode everywhere!

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the
Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser, which felt thick enough to be moisturising, but thin enough to glide over the skin without dragging the tinted colour and leaving streaks. It absorbed quickly without irritating my skin which can sometimes be very sensitive after my morning shower. I do have very dry skin however, and the product sunk in so quickly that I found I needed to apply my usual moisturiser, wait for 5 minutes and then apply the Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser over the top. This formula worked really well for me, but would not be necessary for anyone with a normal/combination skin.

I have already tried some of the other products from this New Zealand company and have always been impressed by the quality of their ingredients.
Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser does not contain any parabens, mineral oils, irrigated, genetically modified, pesticide-treated, synthetic or animal ingredients, and has not been tested on animals. Instead, the active ingredients in this natural tinted moisturiser are macadamia nut oil and manuka honey which are both very nourishing; and although these are all natural ingredients the 50ml tube has a shelf life of 18 months. As well as the beautiful flora I am sure some New Zealand sunshine finds its way into every bottle!

I was pleased with the colour-match of this product for my fair skin tone, but on balance I found it too thin to be sufficiently moisturising on its own and it has very sheer coverage. I ended up mixing a little with my usual concealer to provide more coverage where needed and this worked well.

· It suited even my very sensitive and inflamed skin;
· The colour was a good match and did not streak;
· It is made from high quality ingredients.

· The coverage was too sheer for my uneven skin tone;
· The light geranium smell may irritate some people;
· I needed to use an additional moisturiser for my problem areas.