Friday, 2 October 2009

Rosa Fina Rejuvenating Masque Reviews

Review of Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Rejuvenating Masque.
by Nicky B.
The Rosa Fina Rejuvenating Masque comes in a white plastic tube with a flip top lid. With its black, pink and silver lettering it looks fresh and expensive!

The Rosa Fina masque felt creamy and fresh on my face and even though I had applied a fair amount within 15 minutes it had nearly all absorbed into my skin. It felt incredibly moisturizing, non-sticky and smelt glorious – a gentle hint of sensual frankincense, one of those rich relaxing essential oils that I love. I didn’t know quite what to expect and I can tell you I was so pleased it didn’t turn into one of those masques that you have to peel off. My experience of these is that lots of ‘bits’ get left behind and you end up more stressed than when you started.

I haven’t used any Barefoot Botanicals products before as I’ve previously thought they were quite expensive. However on closer inspection I see that the ingredients of the Rosa Fina mask actually include a whole range of wonderful and I’m sure quite pricey ingredients including essential oils, mowrah butter (from the seeds of two species of the Indian Madhuca or Butter tree), kokum (obtained from the seeds of the Indian Garcinia indicia tree) and rosa moschata (musk rose) – its origins are thought to lie in the western Himalayas. There are no ‘chemical nasties’ in this masque, it is ‘cruelty free’ and ‘suitable for vegans’. The ingredients are 100% ethically-sourced plant derived. Fabulous!

My skin (and I) certainly felt in need of a bit of rejuvenation so I had high hopes for this organic facial mask. I have very sensitive skin and sensitive eyes and my eyes did tingle a little when I first applied the masque, but this sensation immediately disappeared and they felt fine. My skin felt nourished and pampered. I’m going to use the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina masque to brighten up my complexion before an evening out next time.
Smells wonderful and full of lovely exotic ethically sourced ingredients
My skin felt rejuvenated and pampered
It is apparently good for many different types of skin e.g. combination, sensitive, blemished and mature
· It is quite expensive but the quality ingredients are the reason why.