Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kjaer Weis Makeup

Kjaer Weis is the ultimate in eco luxury makeup. Its luxury organic refillable makeup system recognizes health and beauty equally by fulfilling the desire for colour cosmetics made with the highest quality safe, natural & organic ingredients without compromising on luxury or design. Created by Danish-born, New York based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, products are CCPB certified organic and free from animal testing. Here we catch up with founder, Kirsten.

So, tell us a little about the story behind Kjaer Weis?
I have worked for over 20 years as a make-up artist and throughout my carrier I have had woman after woman sit down in the chair, pointing out brands they were allergic to. That together with me seeing upfront for all these years, the short term effect on their skin from using products with synthetic ingredients, everything from rashes to red eyes, to allergies etc. It made me question things, if this is the short term effect, what is the long term effect of a life-long use. There was an obvious need on the market for a true certified organic line, that as well as having the highest quality ingredients which are actually good for the skin, it could perform at the same level or better as the conventional lines and hold its own design/packaging wise. I feel there was always the perception that if one wanted to do something great for one's health, that there would be a compromise somewhere in the mix, my mission and desire was to change that.

What do you think sparked your passion for natural and organic ingredients?
I grew up on a farm in Denmark, so the closeness to nature came in early, the realness of growing up harvesting most of our own food on the farm, that said I always dreamed of the arts and big cities:), but  I have always had a great interest in eating healthy food, feeling the purity of non processed food and as I grew to understand more about cosmetics/skin care and reading ingredients lists, it was obvious to me that natural was the way forward and I believe the future.

Are there any plans to expand the existing range?
Yes, we have a 99.8% organic refillable mascara coming out in May and organic foundations for Fall. The plan is to have a full organic make-up line, so a woman can be fully covered in her make-up needs, but I'm building it slowly brick by brick, it takes time to formulate and performance and quality are essential.

Where do you see the brand 5 years from now?
Available to women worldwide, they deserve a wonderful harm free choice.

What do you wish you’d known when you started?
Hmm, all is pretty good actually, not sure I would want anything much different.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
When starting up on your own and wearing all caps, it's a full time job in the true sense of the word, but it's also such a privilege seeing it grow and finding the right tribe to support the brands vision, the challenging part is to juggle everything but also eventually to hand it over.

What are your every day beauty essentials?
Green juices and water for the inside and natural/organic products for the outside. I try out different brands and love Tata Harper, (serum, roll on oil) Tammy Fender ( body oil), Rudolph Care, (Acai body balm), La Bella Figura,( facial oils). Rahua for hair.

If you could treat yourself to one thing this month it would be...
A facial with my favorite facialist here in NY, Gilah Gurowitsch, a true gem, there are great facialists and then there is Gilah, she makes my skin glow like no one else.

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