Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Green People Organic Aloe Vera Shower Bath

Review of Green People Organic Aloe Vera Shower Bath
by Kelly B.

The packaging for the Green People Aloe Vera Shower Bath is very simple, being a white plastic tube with ‘Shower Bath’ highlighted in a bold green colour. I feel the packaging is unisex making it suitable for men too. I would prefer a pump action or a shower gel container that can be hung upside down to make dispensing the product a little easier whilst showering.

The Green People Shower Bath has a lovely smooth and silky texture. It is very concentrated; a little goes a long way with this product. My skin felt extremely silky soft immediately and this organic shower gel was so gentle and calming on my sensitive skin. It is fantastic for shaving my legs with, they felt beautifully smooth afterwards. It is great for shaving the bikini line and under arms too as although these areas can be more sensitive the gentle soothing formula of the Green People Shower Bath means absolutely no sign of irritation or redness. If you love a smooth body and shave daily this is the product for you! What I also loved was that it foamed so little which meant that it was easy to see was I doing whilst shaving my legs. Since this product is so soothing I feel it would be great on sunburnt skin, so ideal for holidays.

The fragrance is really gentle and pleasant. I feel it resembles a mixture of citrus freshness with orange blossom. This scent smells unisex.

Green People Organic Shower Bath is chemical preservative free. So you can feel assured that your body will not be exposed to cancer causing parabens which are present in many commercial shower gels. It is also free from colorants, lauryl sulphate, alcohol, synthetic preservatives and fragrances. A truly gentle product free from potential irritants that can be both drying and toxic to your skin. It is great to know that such a gentle formula can be so effective.

This product contains organically grown vegan ingredients the main one being Aloe Vera, which accounts for the soothing results.

The Green People Shower Bath is so soothing it seems to take away any minor irritations on the skin. In addition it appears to prevent any irritation that may occur from shaving. It appears to seal in moisture and create a barrier as you shave. It is so gentle I feel it is suitable for the whole family. It cleans very effectively in such a soothing way. I highly recommend this product!

• Extremely soothing and gentle
• Excellent for shaving your legs
• Gentle refreshing scent
• Unisex
• Suitable for the whole family
• Leaves skin silky smooth

• Container would be better if it was a pump action
• If you prefer a foaming showing gel you may not like the lack of foam

The Green People Aloe Vera Shower Bath and the Green People products range is available from Naturisimo.com