Thursday, 1 October 2009

Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser Reviews

Review of Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser
by Louise M.
Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser comes in a sleek black flip-top dispenser which can easily be stood upright and is recyclable. The packaging feels very robust, and I would put this in my handbag confident that it wouldn’t explode everywhere!

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the
Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser, which felt thick enough to be moisturising, but thin enough to glide over the skin without dragging the tinted colour and leaving streaks. It absorbed quickly without irritating my skin which can sometimes be very sensitive after my morning shower. I do have very dry skin however, and the product sunk in so quickly that I found I needed to apply my usual moisturiser, wait for 5 minutes and then apply the Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser over the top. This formula worked really well for me, but would not be necessary for anyone with a normal/combination skin.

I have already tried some of the other products from this New Zealand company and have always been impressed by the quality of their ingredients.
Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser does not contain any parabens, mineral oils, irrigated, genetically modified, pesticide-treated, synthetic or animal ingredients, and has not been tested on animals. Instead, the active ingredients in this natural tinted moisturiser are macadamia nut oil and manuka honey which are both very nourishing; and although these are all natural ingredients the 50ml tube has a shelf life of 18 months. As well as the beautiful flora I am sure some New Zealand sunshine finds its way into every bottle!

I was pleased with the colour-match of this product for my fair skin tone, but on balance I found it too thin to be sufficiently moisturising on its own and it has very sheer coverage. I ended up mixing a little with my usual concealer to provide more coverage where needed and this worked well.

· It suited even my very sensitive and inflamed skin;
· The colour was a good match and did not streak;
· It is made from high quality ingredients.

· The coverage was too sheer for my uneven skin tone;
· The light geranium smell may irritate some people;
· I needed to use an additional moisturiser for my problem areas.