Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Weleda Skin Food Reviews

Review of Weleda Skin Food
by Linda B.
Packaging: The Weleda Skin Food comes in a metal tube in a recyclable box. The tube and box have different shades of green on them and both have a clean and neat design.
Application: The texture of the Weleda Skin Food is a very rich cream which glides over the skin easily. It absorbed very well and did not leave a greasy residue. This organic cream is gentle enough to use on the face yet effective enough to use on very dry areas such as elbows, hand, knees etc. I used it on the dry patches on my face every night for 4 nights and it corrected the dryness so I then only had to apply it once every 3 or 4 nights If you pat the Weleda Skin Food onto the face it avoids dragging the skin. Other areas can can have the cream rubbed in until it is absorbed. I also used it as a lip balm and my lips became soft and smooth after 3 days. As my hands can get very dry I applied a liberal amount at night and put on cotton gloves. I have never used such an effective hand cream before and my hands were soft and supple after 4 nights. I used it on my elbows, knees and ankles and it was very effective after a few days. These areas are now ‘flake‘ free and I cannot recommend this Weleda product highly enough. I will certainly make sure I always have some in my home. You only have to use a very small amount as a little goes a long way so use sparingly. Weleda Skin Food has been around since 1926 and is a nourishing, deep penetrating and hydrating treatment for the whole body. It is perfect as a skin remedy and helps protect the skin against the winter weather. After soothing the rough, dry irritated areas you do not have to use it every day as it is so effective.
Ingredients: Weleda Skin Food is completely natural and the full list of ingredients are printed very clearly on the box in Latin and English. The essential fatty acids and vitamin E from the organic sunflower seed oil moisturises and conditions the stubborn dryness. The organic Pansy and Rosemary leaf extract have mild antiseptic properties that calms dry irritations. The biodynamic and organic Calendula flower exctract has anti-inflammatory properties. The delicate fragrance is formed from refreshing essential oils including Sweet Orange and Lavendulae. It also contains lanolin and beeswax and is suitable for vegetarians.
Results: After using Weleda Skin Food for over 2 weeks my skin is soft, smooth and repaired. The results are amazing. I have not found anything so gentle and yet so effective to use on all areas of my face and body. This one product does the job of several other creams which are sold for one purpose.
I would recommend Weleda Skin Food to everyone especially if they have sensitive skin.
1. It is gentle enough to be used by the whole family even on the most sensitive skin.
2. It is very effective at moisturising and conditioning all dry and rough areas no matter how bad they are.
3. It can be used as a protection against the winter weather - ideal for people who work outdoors.
4. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
5. You only have to use a very small amount so it lasts a long time.
6. It is one product to replace several others.
7. It is very reasonably priced and has a long shelf life. (Up to 2 years)
1. The scent takes a few minutes to disappear.

Weleda Skin Food (£6.95) and the full Weleda skincare range is available at Naturisimo.com.