Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pai Macadamia Rose Cream Reviews

Review of Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream
by Kelly B.
Packaging: I tried the sample jar of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream which is a clear glass screw top jar with white plastic lid. However the 30ml full size is a clear glass pump action bottle which would be more hygienic for more lengthy use. The Pai lettering is black and simple yet classy. The ‘P’ of the word Pai extends into a leaf like shape which appears to appropriately depict the natural ingredients always used by the brand.

Application: The texture of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Cream for dry skin is quite buttery and greasy. A little goes a long way as it seems to melt into your skin as butter would. I found the formulation uncomfortable on my skin as it was just too greasy for my taste. This texture must be due to the high content of macadamia nut oil. I found it too rich as a day cream so I used it as a night cream only. The sample pot gave me 7 uses for my face and neck, more than ample for you to decide if you like it enough to purchase the full size.The Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream's fatty texture seemed to create a film over my skin rather than ever being properly absorbed. My skin appeared to find it hard to breathe through the cream and after the third or fourth application it caused me to break out in a few spots. On the plus side, this organic face cream is gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area. It does not create any puffiness which rich creams used on the eye area often can. The scent of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream is extremely gentle, almost no scent, but very faint undertones of rose can be detected. I like the fact that the Pai organic cream is white so it will not stain the neckline of clothing.
Ingredients: The mainly organic ingredients of the Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream seem to be an impressive list of known skin hydrators and nourishers, such as; macadamia nut oil, apricot kernal oil, borage oil, shea butter, vitamin e, vitamin a, and manuka oil. Many of these ingredients are also tremendously anti-aging as is the added rose water, rose geranium and frankinscense. Plus importantly, no toxic preservatives.

Results: The Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream is certainly nourishing and my skin was noticeably softer and silkier whilst I was using it. It seemed to reduce some fine dehydration lines and took away a little redness. However I found it far too oily and it appeared to create a water tight barrier that my skin couldn't easily breathe through. I feel there are so many superior natural creams for dry skin such as Logona face creams, and particularly the Comvita Huni range which is fantastically hydrating and gives the skin a real glow.

Pros- A little goes a long way
- Suitable for delicate eye area
- Reduces dehydration lines
- Reduces redness
- Softening and nourishing
- Gentle scent
- White cream (no clothes staining).
Cons- Too greasy
- Difficult for skin to breathe through
- Too oily for daytime use
- Can cause break outs