Thursday, 4 February 2010

Trevarno Day Cream Reviews

Review of Trevarno Organic Day Cream
by Elizabeth O.
Packaging: The trial sized Trevarno Organic Day Cream comes contained in a small transparent jar with screw top lid. The full sized versions – available in quantities of either 30ml or 60ml – are contained in a brightly coloured jar which also has a screw top lid and means that you have to dip your fingers into the jar in order to get to the product.
Application: The product is a very light and subtle cream that glides along the skin effortlessly before melting into it. It is absorbed quickly and easily and is not at all greasy and only a relatively small amount is required to moisturize the face and d├ęcolletage sufficiently. The cream imparts a healthy glow rather than a gloss or oily looking sheen to the face and though the glow appeared to fade gradually throughout the day I was left with skin that felt adequately moisturized and supple.
Ingredients: As the first beauty company to meet the Organic Farmers and Growers strict standards in order to gain formal organic certification, Trevarno’s Organic Day Cream is bursting with organic goodies, cruelty free and ethical ingredients and harbors no off-putting nasties such as chemical preservatives or stabilizers. Consisting of Organic Lavender Flower Water, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed extract and Jojoba Oil to name a few, the cream is made up of an appealing list of simple ingredients which combined give off a fresh and pleasant natural scent which lingers subtly on the skin.
Results: The Trevarno Organic Day Cream performed well on my oily, combination skin. The drier areas of my face were well moisturized whilst the oilier patches were regulated and my complexion overall appeared improved, slightly brighter and took on a dewy look after only a few days of using the product. My skin which is at times sensitive and can be quite reactive was not at all aggravated by the cream which also acts as a lovely base beneath makeup, contributing to a smooth and even natural looking finish. The Trevarno Organic Day Cream performed well and is very reasonably priced and therefore would definitely make it onto my Christmas wish list.
My sensitive skin was noticeably relived and soothed by the product.
It is absorbed easily and quickly and has a pleasant yet subtle scent.
It available with or without added SPF sun protection.
The cream makes for a great base beneath makeup.
The product comes contained in a screw top jar which means there is a risk of contaminating the cream as a result of dipping your fingers into it.

The Trevarno Organic Day Cream ( £10.34) and Trevarno Skincare Products are available from