Friday, 5 February 2010

A'kin Radiance Rosehip Oil Reviews

Review of A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil
by Anisa B.
The A'kin Radiance Rosehip Oil comes in a medicinal type glass bottle with a dropper. Since you only need 3-4 drops each time, I find it is easy to dispense the right amount each time.

The A'kin Rosehip Oil is a dark golden amber colour and has a herbal/woody smell that is unusual but does not last on the skin. It has a lighter texture than olive oil for e.g. and spreads easily and absorbs quickly onto the skin without it feeling greasy like most oils. 3-4 drops is sufficient for the face and neck and therefore a bottle will generally last 3-4 months. A’kin says that the rosehip oil contains 100% Rosa Canina Seed Extract which is certified organic and it is also rich in Pro Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3, 9 and 6.

I was thrilled to receive the A'kin Rosehip Oil to review as it is a product I’ve been using religiously for approximately 6 months so I feel very confident in its effectiveness. I started using this because I had scars that I wanted to get rid of and I was looking for hydration for my skin as every moisturiser I had been using was still leaving my skin with dry areas around parts of my face. Within a couple of days of using this product, I noticed that all those dry areas were gone, my skin felt softer and was glowing naturally. I have since carried on using it and I have found that my scars and discolouration have faded dramatically, and my skin rejuvenates itself a lot quicker. It is one of those products that I will never be without! It is for anyone that is looking to have brighter skin, a more even skin tone, and to restore skin to a more balanced form. It is also an excellent product to use for wrinkles and for the prevention of wrinkles too. I cannot recommend it enough and have only praise for it!

The pros of A'kin Rosehip Oil are:
- It is good at fading marks/uneven skin tone
- It provides extra hydration for the skin
- It is not as oily and heavy as most oils
- It can be used anywhere
- It provides visible results
- It is suitable for all skin types
The cons are: None

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