Monday, 29 October 2012

Buddha Nose: New at Naturisimo

Buddha Nose offers something a little different. This range of balms, sprays and scrubs soothe, strengthen and nourish. Only USDA certified organic ingredients are used when available, and recyclable packaging means you do your bit for the environment, too.

The range contains products with a purpose, combining the energetic dynamics of shiatsu, a Japanese form of traditional medicine, with essential oils. Feeling congested? Buddha Nose Deep Breathe Balm (£20) relieves dry skin all over, soothes congestion and clears the mind. Are you suffering with your hormonal cycle? Try Buddha Nose Girl Balm (£20), a treatment balm to help with aches and moods associated with hormonal mood shifts. Feeling fatigued? Buddha Nose I Booster Salve (£20) can help provide energy and wake you up. The balms are extremely conditioning and rich, without leaving any nasty residue on the skin. They smell great and the essential oils work their magic. Although it may seem a little expensive for a balm, the tins are generous and would last a long time.

The range also includes bath tea sachets- try Buddha Nose Detox Bath Tea Sachets (£25) for example if in need of de-stress- as well as other body care products. The body mists are quite unique; Buddha Nose I Booster Spray (£20) designed to inspire confidence and energy, and Buddha Nose Heart Spray (£20) to calm emotions and leave you feeling soothed.

There will be something here for everyone; a little bit of therapy for life’s little problems.

Buy the range here: Buddha Nose