Monday, 15 October 2012

Pinks Boutique Facial Hero

We were so excited to hear that the Pinks Boutique facial hero, Pinks Boutique Anti Aging Serum (£36), has won a place in the prestigious Anti Ageing Beauty Bible. In the latest and revised edition, only 4 serums were selected, which is testament to just how well this product performs not only in the natural and organic arena but overall, alongside major mainstream brands.

This bestselling serum is packed full of natural plant extracts and antioxidant rich oils and EFAs omega 3, 6 and 9. Scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, the luxurious ingredients work in harmony to rejuvenate and restore skin cells, leaving skin soft and glowing. The testers of this product clearly agreed, and recognised the fabulous results they were getting from this organic serum.

Suitable for use morning and night, apply the Pinks Boutique serum evenly across the face and neck and leave to absorb. A little goes a long way so 3-4 drops will nourish the face and 3 drops for the neck area. Also a great tip is to apply to the back of the neck and back of the hands for a little extra treatment.

A product that delivers the best results while also being organic is important to many people serious about their skincare and their health, too. Well done Pinks Boutique! 

Buy the range here: Pinks Boutique