Thursday, 11 October 2012

Shake Up Your Make-Up with Kjaer Weis

We are super excited to have recently launched Kjaer Weis, the ultimate in eco luxury make-up. Exclusive to Naturisimo in the UK, its unique refillable system makes it cost effective as well as beautiful, with the refill pans making it easy to either replace or mix up your shades with something new, whilst keeping the original stunning compact.

Designed by Marc Atlan, the compacts are uber chic and so gorgeous. The bold metal cases themselves come in little red boxes, resembling jewellery cases. Every purchase from this range feels like a little gift- a beautiful and indulgent one. 

The shades up for grabs consist of flattering and contemporary tones, with something to suit everyone. From nude to deep burgundy, ivory to onyx, Kjaer Weis make creating shades for every occasion- and every skin tone- look effortless. My personal favourite is Kjaer Weis Lip Tint (£32) in shade 'Sweetness', an utterly perfect coral orange.

For founder Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the desire to fuse natural makeup with luxury stemmed from her upbringing in the countryside of Denmark and her experience as a makeup artist. Kjaer Weis is certified by the CCPB, the Italian organic certifying authority (requiring at least 95% organic ingredients), offering both organic credentials and luxury, with each product consisting of raw materials, natural preservatives, and pigments extracted from the earth.

We are convinced that Kjaer Weis will be a big hit with our customers. All we can say is thank you, Kirsten. We love!

Buy the range here: Kjaer Weis