Thursday, 10 April 2008

Suki Lip & Cheek Cream

I absolutely adore Suki and it is probably the best natural cosmetics range I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried many. So when I was told that Suki was going to launch Suki Color I was delighted. Because of the huge demand for Suki samples, I’ve only managed to get my hands on the Suki Lip & Cheek stain in Dhalia, the only colour available in a sample at the time. I first used this product on my cheeks and I didn’t really go WOW! because I found the colour slightly brownish and I am more of a pinkie blusher kind of girl, but it grew on me. I would have liked this blusher to have a more creamy texture, so it is best used after your moisturiser or facial oil. As a lip stain it didn’t work for me. It was too dry and I would have liked a little bit more gloss to it. If you are on a budget, like most of us are, then at £31.95 it’s pricey and I would rather spend £13.50 on an Nvey Eco blusher or two. The Suki Lip & Cheek stain and the entire Suki natural cosmetics range is available at Naturisimo The Organic Skincare Company.