Wednesday, 22 October 2008

NEW Organic fragances

An range of organic fragances from the master perfumers, Florascent. With an extensive range of organic perfumes arranged into fragrant themes, Florascent offers the most comprehensive range of natural perfumes, with fragrances to suit every nose.

In a true revival of the 17th century European art of Perfumery, Florascent Parfumeurs uses only the most exquisite natural raw materials, giving each perfume its own distinctive individuality. Florascent production of natural fragrance uses only purest flower essences and specially produced aromatic plant extracts - also known as ´macerates´. They are the very basis Florascent creations are built on. Therefore most conservative distillation and extration techniques are used to preserve natural and untainted the unmistakable aura of natural materials. In a maturation period of several months Florascent scent compositions are given time to develop their distinctive and mellow character.

Florascent natural, organic perfumes are created by perfumer Roland Tentunian who uses his artistic sensitivity, craftsmanship and technical skills to give a new lease of life to the traditional art of perfumery in a modern product line. Each flacon is hand-bottled, hand-sealed, and packed in stylish handmade paper tubes which have already become a hallmark of Florascent Parfumeurs.

A new perfume's journey to completion is a long one. It requires many beginnings, until it reaches Florascent final exacting standards of perfection. Florascent fragrances (£55) are now available at We particularly recommend the collection of 4 tester samples (£9.95) allowing to try different Aromatic Collection or Floral Collection fragrances.