Tuesday, 11 November 2008

NEW Logona Hair Colours

Logona Hair Colours launch at Naturisimo.com
Most people now know that conventional hair dyes contain a cocktail of potentially hazardous chemicals. Certain black hair dyes have been linked to increased incidences of cancer. Some hair colourants (often ones containing para-phenylenediamine) can also cause allergic reactions, lead to or exacerbating respiratory irritation and asthma and causing other unpleasant effects.
Fortunately there are now 100% natural hair colour alternatives available and our choice is Logona Herbal Hair Colours, which contain 100% natural ingredients and coat your hair with colour rather than attacking your hair structure. Each batch of hair colour is tested to ensure that it is free of agricultural chemical residues and heavy metal concentrations.

To test the Logona natural hair colour products, I used a trusted volunteer (I do not dye my hair). She tried the Natural Logona Hair Colour powder Chestnut Brown and she was impressed! At first, she was concerned with preparing the mix and to get her colouring wrong so she followed the hair colouring instructions very carefully and she was very happy with the results... now she can wait to try a new Logona hair colour!
One thing to mention is that it is important to use a clarifying shampoo or cleanser such as the Logona Colour Plus to prepare the hair before adding a henna colour and to remove all excess hair products from hair. In particular if you use a lot of conditioner or styling products, otherwise the results can be patchy henna colouring and not a smooth finish.
Logona Hair Colours has blonde, brown, red and black shades available and the full range is available at Naturisimo.com.
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