Monday, 3 November 2008


Santaverde Skincare launches at

This week we welcome an exquisitely pure new organic skin care range, Santaverde. What makes Santaverde products unique is that they don't contain water but pure fresh aloe vera juice instead. With more than 160 active ingredients, there is no other known plant that contains as many regenerative vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, and enzymes as Aloe Vera. And Santaverde aloe vera is certified organic from the company's crops in Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Independent studies have revealed that Santaverde products contain an unusually high amount of Aloeverose – the most important of the 160+ ingredients in Aloe Vera – most likely due to the careful cultivation of their plants. The result is a line of products containing the maximum benefits from this miracle plant, including the stimulation of natural cell renewal, metabolism and fine capillary circulation of the skin, and regeneration of the human body from within when consumed in the form of Santaverde juices, supplements, and tea.

I have tried Santaverde Light Cream (£25.95) and I love the texture and feel, plus it smells like heaven, not too zesty and not too sweet, just right. And the Santaverde Body Lotion (£21.95) feels like a miracle on the skin. The Santaverde Hydrating Gel (£28.00) is perfect for eczema, damaged skin, blemishes, and the extreme dryness that accompanies hard winters or trips down the slopes.

Many of Santaverde products carry BDIH organic certification and the leaping bunny logo which means they have not been tested on animals plus the entire range is completely plant-based and vegan. Santaverde Skincare and Santaverde samples are available from


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