Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ila Skincare: NEW!

Ila skincare launches at Naturisimo.

This week Naturisimo celebrates the arrival of award-winning and divinely gorgeous ila skincare products. Ila is a 100% natural, chemical free skincare range for the face, body and complete well-being.

Ila is the Sanskrit word for earth and is the name of the Hindu Goddess of truth, who is associated with flow and refreshment. There is a sacred place in Northern India at the confluence of the Sarasvati and Drishdvati Rivers. The place is known as Ilayaspada or the place of Ila, and it is called the holiest place on the earth in Vedic texts.

Ila aims at bringing purity, energy and balance into everyday life by creating luxurious skincare products that work on a number of different levels: to improve natural beauty through healthy skin, to increase well-being through energy healing, and to connect to a greater sense of inner serenity.

The ila face oil for glowing radiance is one of my favourites with is light texture and the authentic clean scent of damascena rose. I also love the simplicity and the wonderfully fresh aroma of ila body oil for vital energy.

ila Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence is a soft spray to refresh and bring about clarity of mind, which truly does seem to give me more energy. Even if it didn’t, I would use it as a light fragance because of its exquisite smell.

Everything in Ila skin products comes directly from plants or minerals and all Ila products are cruelty free. Ila offers the ultimate for pampering yourself, everything about it is exquisite from the exquisite jars and packaging, the quality of the ingredients and the beauty of the products themselves. This range just won the 2009 GQ Skincare of the Year Award.

The ila organic skincare range is now available from Naturisimo.

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