Thursday, 11 June 2009

Spiezia is back!

Spiezia is back!
This week it is a pleasure to welcome back one of our favorite brands. After an absence of over 2 years, the newly re-launched Spiezia is back on our shelves. Spiezia is the ultimate organic skincare brand. Unlike many others, it offers a truly 100% organic and natural experience to such an extent that their products are actually edible. Using only certified ingredients, unique maceration formulas and hand-made in harmony with the lunar cycle on a farm in Cornwall, Spiezia Organics was the first to be accredited 100% organic by the Soil Association.
The Spiezia Organic Gentle Cleanser (£21.55) is still one my all-time favourites. This 100% Organic Cleanser was voted 10/10 by The Times and one of the top 25 skincare products. This deliciously scented cleanser melts away every trace of dirt and leaves skin incredibly clean and soft.
One of its latest additions of the range is the Spiezia Rose & Chamomile Gentle Face Scrub (£19.10), which benefits from a luxurious oil base. Thanks to the tiny pieces of organic chamomile stamen, skin is buffed so gently it's suitable for sensitive skins too.
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