Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Huni Every Night Moisturiser Reviews

Review of Huni Every Night Moisturiser
by Kelly B
Packaging: The packaging for the Huni Every Night Moisturiser is really gorgeous. It is a really attractive rich honey yellow coloured plastic pump action bottle. The bottle is cleverly styled in a hexagonal shape to resemble honey comb. The box is very attractive too, the same rich honey colour with intricate honey comb pattern embossing. The packaging is very special and would make a great gift. The pump action makes the product economical as only a little comes out with each pump so you never dispense too much cream.
Application: The Huni Every Night Moisturiser feels rich yet light in texture, is easy to apply and absorbs well. It is best to only use a small amount and pat it into the skin. It is so effective that you really only need a little. It soothes any redness and inflammation instantly and removes any tightness making skin feel supple and smooth.
Your skin feels quickly nourished and hydrated and fantastically your skin is matt and not at all greasy unlike lots of creams for dry skin which can make your skin feel over loaded with product. This natural chemical free face cream makes your skin dewy and glowing especially on the tops of your cheeks which is really flattering. It is so light and comfortable.
Huni Every Night Moisturiser does feel a little sticky to the touch, however it does contain top quality manuka honey as its fourth ingredient. I do not mind the slight stickiness as the overall finish is matt and I find it preferable to greasy night creams. The scent is very pleasant it is a very delicate scent almost no scent but very slight honey undertones can be detected.
Ingredients: Comvita only use natural ingredients from sustainable sources which is comforting to know. You know you are getting ethically sourced quality ingredients. Importantly you know the honey used in the Huni skincare range is the best as Comvita are the global leader in Manuka honey. Manuka honey is known to heal and nourish the skin and provide anti-aging benefits.
Huni Every Night Moisturiser also contains keratin extracted from the wool fibres of New Zealand sheep. This is added to improve hydration and suppleness of the skin. I was initially concerned about this ingredient as I have very sensitive skin and have had allergies to lanolin (also from sheep’s wool) in the past. However I have had no allergy whatsoever to this product.
This natural night cream also contains myrrh resin extract well known for its healing, soothing, and anti-aging properties. Shea butter and macadamia oil further add to this fantastic mix of skin nourishing ingredients.
Results: I can’t speak highly enough about the Huni Every Night Moisturiser, it is really excellent, the best night cream I have tried. It soothes, hydrates, reduces fine lines, and creates a dewy radiant complexion in a very short time. You can see results after just one night. What more could a girl want? I highly recommend Huni Every Night Moisturiser (the Huni cleanser is lovely too!) and consider it a hero product in my dressing table.

- Fantastically soothing and hydrating
- Gives radiant dewy complexion
- Reduces fine lines
- Non greasy
- Fast results
- Reduces redness
- Delicate smell
- Paraben free
- Gentle enough to use on delicate eye area
- Great on T zone (non comedonic)
- White in colour so no staining of clothing necklines
- The pump dispenser is not long enough so you need to unscrew the top and use a cotton bud to reach the last third.
- The finish is a little sticky

The Huni Every Night Moisturiser (£30) and the Huni products range are available at