Tuesday, 11 May 2010

John Masters Organics Face Cleanser Reviews

Review of John Masters Organics Linden Blossom Face Crème Cleanser
by Caroline S.
Packaging: In keeping with the John Masters Organics ethos, the packaging is as recyclable and environmentally friendly as possible. The John Masters cleanser is contained within a rich, brown glass bottle complete with pump action dispenser. The outer packaging is a deep cream-coloured cardboard box made from 100% recycled paper, printed with 100% soy and is itself 100% compostable. So, apart from fulfilling all your eco-friendly needs, the packaging looks smart and expensive and the pump dispenser means that your cleanser is both easily accessed and yet kept safe from contamination. I must state that the instructions for this cleanser are not printed on the bottle itself but on the outside of the box - so don't throw it away before you have a quick read!

Application: Okay, this could be a lengthy review so I will get the basics out of the way first. The John Masters crème cleanser itself is a rather liquid, non-foaming lotion with a pale off-white colour and a smooth, soft consistency. It comes out of the pump easily and with a large dose delivered per pump. I will feely admit that the initial smell of the cleanser put me off slightly - it is quite strong, very herbal (almost medicinal smelling) and to my nose smells like aniseed or liquorice. This would be great except for the fact that I cannot bear aniseed or liquorice - although, the ingredients do not list either of these so please feel free to make your own judgement! Personal tastes aside, I will describe the scent of the John Masters lotion as "powerful" and "actively herbal" - which is not, in itself, a bad thing at all to be fair. So now you are probably wondering why this review is going to be lengthy when, on the face of it, this is a simple cleansing lotion. Well, the truth is that this is so much more than your standard cleanser. Yes, it removes dirt and make-up as well as you could hope for and if all you want is a quick "slap on and wipe off" cleanser then you will be happy enough with this one.
However, personally, I think
John Masters Organics Linden Blossom Crème Cleanser is wasted as simply a make-up remover. My personal preference is ususally to remove make-up with a relatively low-priced natural lotion cleanser and then wash my face with a really high quality cleansing wash that addresses my current needs (dry areas, spots, oily patches etc). I'm not generally looking to be impressed by cream cleansers as I don't rely on them for any particular moisturising needs - but my curiosity was piqued when I read the following instructions on the box: "Massage onto wet or dry skin - may be left on skin for 5-10 minutes for extra hydrating benefits".
This is why I say that it is much, much more than a standard, everyday cleanser. I found that I gained the best effects by using this cleanser in the morning in the shower. Morning skin should be reasonably clean of all but natural oils (assuming that you thoroughly cleansed the evening before) and better able to absorb the delicious ingredients in the cleanser whilst also taking advantage of its cleansing properties. I apply one or two pump before stepping into the shower and then leave it to work whilst I wash my body. I rinse off just prior to getting out and it leaves my skin soft, plumped, dewy and incredibly moisturised. The other way I found to get maximum benefit was to remove make-up with a cheaper cleanser and then apply John Masters Organics Linden Blossom Crème Cleanser afterwards. Leave for anything from 60 seconds up to 10 minutes and remove any way you wish - rinsing with water, or removing with a damp muslin cloth or flannel.
The John Masters cleanser describes itself as being for "Dry/Mature" skin - however I would recommend it for sensitive skin (like mine) and also combination. It rinses off completely, leaving no residue but leaving behind effects that you can definitely feel immediately.
By all means use this cleanser to remove make-up - as long as you also give it a try as a cleansing, moisture mask at least once! If it can impress a "cleanser sceptic" like myself, it really must be something just a little bit special.

• rose flower oil - treats dry and sensitive skin
• linden blossom - softens and soothes skin
• ginseng - toning; revitalizing
• ylang ylang - antiseptic; nourishing
• radish root - new all-natural preservative; protects against harmful bacteria

Results: Great results - and I admit that I am surprised by just how great they actually are! My skin is soft and soothed, the John Masters face cleanser is so incredibly gentle that it is a real joy to use. Even on sore patches, it doesn't tingle or sting and it removes dirt without any need to rub. It gives an extra level of moisturisation to your daily routine and provides real results with little effort.
Gorgeous packaging - and environmentally friendly too
Removes make-up and dirt without the need to rub skin
Makes an excellent moisturising masque whilst cleansing at the same time
Leaves skin soft, soothed and hydrated
Has a really luxurious, creamy feel upon application
The smell is unusual and a little strong at first - however, as always, this is down to personal taste
The price may be too high for some - however if you consider its double-use and your skin type doesn't need intensively moisturising, it is a cost-effective way of adding a light moisture masque to a daily routine.