Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sante Cosmetics Foundation Reviews

Review of Sante Soft Cream Foundation by Joanna E.
Packaging: The Sante Soft Cream Foundation (no.1) comes in an opaque plastic pump bottle with lid. The black lettering stands out well on the bottle, giving it a clean, clear look. Not sure how recyclable the plastic is, as no recycling information mark is given on the bottle.
Application: This pump bottle is very easy to use. Being a 30 ml size, it fits easily into your hand and the pump top is more than finger tip sized, making it very easy to press. One squirt from the pump was all that I needed to use each morning and was more than adequate. The Sante Soft Cream Foundation has a lovely smooth texture, making it easy to apply to the skin, as it just glides on. The colour No. 01 is the palest shade they do and is ideal for my skin colour. This makeup foundation gave my skin just that tiny touch of colour, without making it really obvious that I was wearing any colour. It is too pale to disguise any skin blemishes that I have, but it does take the edge off them, which works well for me. The Sante foundation also has a lovely subtle aroma, which is very pleasant and lasts for quite some time before fading away. The foundation blends well on my combination skin and I have had no problems from using it. I only needed one application each morning, as it lasted well all day and then was easy to remove at night.
Ingredients: Sante Cosmetics don’t list their ingredients on the bottle, but the complete list was easy to find on the Naturisimo website. Some of the ingredients are organic, but not all the main ones are. Being vegetarian, I was concerned about one of the ingredients listed, which was Squalane, usually derived from shark oil, but the very knowledgeable people from Naturisimo said the squalane that Sante uses is derived from plants. The Sante Soft Cream Foundation contains cupuaƧu butter and jojoba oil, both of which are nourishing to the skin and gives the product a lovely silky feel. The whole Sante range is free from the harsh chemical additives, preservatives, and colours, which is excellent. The Soft Cream Foundation carries a best before date, which is very helpful in keeping track of how long you have had it and has a long enough life to enable you to easily use all the product by the date given.
This is a lovely Foundation Cream which gives my skin just that hint of colour to take the winter paleness away. I found it easy to use, it lasted all day and the ingredients were very nourishing to my skin. A reasonably priced product from a good company.
Lovely texture and aroma
Colour works well for my skin
One application lasts all day for me
Cons: Would be useful to have the ingredients listed on the bottle.

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