Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Rosa Fina Face Lotion Reviews

Review of Rosa Fina Face Lotion Reviews
by Shona B.
Packaging: The Rosa Fina Face Lotion comes in a nice chunky glass bottle with a plastic squirty top. Unfortunately the plastic cap didn’t survive Royal Mail. The glass is clear so no mad panic when you suddenly realize you only have a day or so of product left! It is stylishly designed with some information on what to expect from the product on the front and a bit about the ingredients and brand on the back. The writing is printed on the bottle so no cheap looking stuck on labels to ruin the sleek lines but it is tiny so you may need a magnifying glass. The pump is great (see below) but, and this may be because I don’t have a cap, product does tend to collect on it meaning you have wipe it before use (crusty face lotion is not nice!).

The only negative is that a lot of the products in the Rosa Fina range have similar packaging and the actual words “face lotion” are tiny so first thing in the morning, half asleep it seems a lot of effort to make sure I’m using a face lotion and not a foot cream!

Application: Top marks to the designers of the Rosa Fina Face Lotion dispenser! We’ve all been there, desperately pumping the bottle with one hand to get just enough product to use, whilst trying to hold it and not loose any product we’ve actually managed to get out! Not easy! It’s also incredibly frustrating when one pump delivers far too much lotion and you’re left wondering what to do with the excess. Well, the pump on the face lotion bottle is pretty perfect, it’s big and easy to use and one pump delivers just about the right amount of product to do the face and neck, and a second pump is great for the décolleté.

The bright white lotion has a sort of whipped texture; it’s really light and soft. It soaks into my oily skin super fast, leaving it matt and smooth. I’m always dubious with creams because my skin seems to prefer oils but this product leaves my skin, and me, happy! I have had no adverse effect either by way of increased oil production or dullness, which creams sometimes evoke. I don’t know if the light texture might not be nourishing enough for very dry skins.

And the smell… oh the smell is gorgeous! Now when I received the Rosa Fina Face Lotion I originally thought “Rose, ewwwww, I’ll smell like my gran’s soaps” but I was so wrong! The smell is strong and it does linger but it actually smells like you’ve stuck your nose in the flower, rather than like a product trying to smell like roses. It’s sort of musky and summery at the same time; very feminine and pretty. I have grown to love the smell of this product and I normally dislike strong floral scents.

Ingredients: The bottle states the ingredients are 100% ethically sourced plant-derived ingredients. They include argan oil, lady’s mantel and rosa mosqueta. The Rosa Fina Face Lotion claims to help firm skin as well as leave it soft and “joyous”. I’ve not noticed a firming action but given my age I would be worried if I had! However my skin was soft and it did make me joyous!

Results: I’ve been desperately trying to find a face moisturizer, which is as natural as possible but does the job. I may well have found it! And, it’s a product which is completely natural and very affordable. Fantastic!
Truth be told I noticed no firming action and my skin didn’t drastically change however my skin was soft, calm, non-irritated, not clogged and happy. I didn’t turn into an oil slick but nor did my skin suddenly resemble the Sahara. Make up, and indeed sun protection went over the product easily and I didn’t have to wait hours for it to sink in. The bottle will last a really long time because of the ease of application and it has completely changed my perception of rose scents. The Rosa Fina Face Lotion bottle has the line “joie de vivre” and I agree, joyous happy, rose scented days!

Easy to use
Sinks in fast
Wonderful smell
Very affordable
Very strong scent may not appeal to all
Will mean I now have to buy more products in the range! Great for me, not great for my bank balance!
Best For:
Me! And, as long as they promise not to buy all the stock, anyone who wants an easy to use light, sinks in fast good moisturizer.