Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lavera MyAge Skincare: NEW!

Our Lavera MyAge skincare range has just won the British Pure Beauty Award for the best antiageing launch 2010. This intensive antiwrinkle range is specially designed for mature and stressed skin and great for the winter months!

This is the lastest addition Lavera Faces skincare collection – Faces MY AGE is an effective range of anti-aging facial products especially formulated with certified organic and fair-trade white tea to protect the skin against free radicals, while karanja oil offers natural UV protection and intensive care and prevents pigment spots.
The Lavera MyAge range includes a cleanser, facial moisturiser, night cream, serum and two eye care products. I particularly love the refreshing Lavera MyAge Cooling Eye Gel (£15.90) which truly
dimishes puffiness and dark circles.The Lavera MyAge Concentrated Lifting Serum (£24.90) gives an incredible skin sensation and noticeably tightens skin.

The Lavera MyAge skincare range is now available from Naturisimo.