Monday, 21 March 2011


Oskia Nutritional Skincare

Oskia is the new Brit brand that takes a nutritional approach to anti-ageing, combining cutting edge science and nature to offer a skincare range dedicated to rebuilding cell health and targeting the first signs of premature aging. Oskia nourishes skin from the inside (supplements) as well as the outside with MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane), commonly used in joint supplements, a form of sulphur that is a collagen and elastin builder.

Derived from the ancient Greek word for “delivering beauty,” Oskia is looking at ingredients closely to deliver optimum results. All their products contain the magic MSM, the special sulphur mineral with natural collagen boosting and regenerating cells formula that has been scientifically proven to work. And you can also buy Oskia pure MSM supplement on their own.

The star product is the range and flying of shelves is Oskia Get Up & Glow (£64.50), an instant revitalising and energising serum that visibly brightens skin after one application. Already receiving rave reviews, it won ‘Best skin perfector’ in the 2010 Natural Health Magazine Awards.

One of my favourites is the Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm (£46). This balm, exfoliator and cleanser works extremely well and it’s worth the high price tag. It has a thick balm texture but melts easily in the hands so applies easily. I am using it instead of my usual exfoliator because the balm hydrates the skin at the same time and can be used more than once weekly. The granules in the balm are extremely fine and lovely to work into the skin without causing redness or reaction. The results are clear, hydrated and super soft skin.

Oskia skincare is available at Naturisimo