Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pinks Boutique Anti-aging Serum Reviews

Review of Pinks Boutique Anti-aging Serum
By Sue B.

Packaging: There is minimal packaging as Pinks Boutique Anti-aging Serum is available in a 50ml sealed bottle with a large pipette for getting out the oil. The text being white on a brown background makes it easily legible, but slightly less so for the gold text. The text is quite small. The best before date is in 18 months time but Pinks Boutique anti aging serum should be used within six months of opening.

Application: The anti aging serum has a silky texture as you apply it which dries after a few seconds. On non make-up days, I’ve been using this during the day, it doesn’t leave a noticeable shine, as well as at night. Just three or four drops are enough to apply to the face and neck.

This anti aging serum can also be used for younger skin to prevent premature aging.

Ingredients: There is a very long list of ingredients printed on the packaging reported to be 100% natural and 99.5% organic like most products in the Pinks Boutique brand. The Latin names as well as the common names are listed. Rosehip, avocado, camellia and jojoba are a few of the oils used in Pinks Boutique anti aging serum which gives it a relaxing fragrance.

Results: The fragrance from this oil, in my opinion, is lovely but, not to my daughter’s taste. I’ve used Pinks Boutique anti aging serum for two weeks now and my skin feels moisturised and soft. I can’t say I’ve noticed my skin looking younger in this time period, I expect prolonged use would give better results.


!00% natural and 99.5 % organic.

Can be used during the day or at night.

You only use a little at each application, so I would expect the bottle to last quite a long time.

Suitable for all ages.


Oil tends to run down the outside of the bottle, so take care when placing it on surfaces. I think a smaller pipette could’ve been used which may have reduced this.

Pinks Boutique anti aging serum is quite expensive.

Pinks Boutique Anti-aging Serum (£34) and Pinks Boutique Products are available at