Monday, 25 June 2012

Suti Skincare just in

Suti offers an intelligent, holistic blend of organic botanicals and rejuvenating minerals to feed the skin and provide an intensive moisturising experience. In the words of Fiona Klonarides, Editor of The Beauty Shortlist: 'Suti is a unique British skincare brand for a number of reasons. It's holistic, beautifully pure, and harnesses the power of flowers and plants in its skin-energising and soothing formulas

A press favourite is the Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil (£28) and one of Rachel Zoe's favourite facial oils recently features in her Zoe Report 'Great for damaged skin, Suti's concoction helps heal scars while providing a stress relieving scent'.

Another beauty editors' favourite is the Suti Cleansing Balm (£26) that comes with a muslin cloth and a rich, zesty formula that awakens the senses and purifies the skin of dirt, pollutants and make-up. We love the balmy, non-drying formula.

This is a 100% natural, 100% gorgeous range: the packaging, the ingredients, the skin-pampering results tick every box. Founded by Suzannah Jenkins and Tina Steadman, both have brought their expertise of 13 years of practicing natural medicine, two years perfecting their formulations and graphic design skills together. Suti is living proof that organic, luxury and performance are not mutually exclusive.

Suti Skincare (from £16) is available at Naturisimo. Try it free with your purchase, click here to view offer.