Sunday, 23 September 2012

Elemental Herbology - Brand Review

Elemental Herbology is a range we recently introduced and we have been blown away by its luxury feel and performance. While not organic, Elemental Herbology is nearly 95 per cent natural, containing botanical, mineral and marine ingredients and combines high-performance, bio-active ingredients with sophisticated technologies and exquisite plant oils to offer superior nutrition for your skin.

Founded by Kristy Goodger to 'help skin adapt' to changes in lifestyle, environment and age it is formulated to counter the skin-damaging effects of ageing, lifestyle and the environment. Plus Elemental Herbology products contain zero synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, mineral oils, sulphates, paraben preservatives or animal testing.

Our top pick? The Elemental Herbology Cell Food Protection & Repair Serum (£42). Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E, pomegranate and green tea, it helps boost, protect and repair skin. A few drops applied morning and night (just after cleansing) and in about 2-3 weeks the difference should be clearly visible for softer skin and any dry patches diminishing.

Buy the range here: Elemental Herbology