Tuesday, 6 November 2012


We seem to think that a complicated system always has to be better. By layering numerous products on our skin on a daily basis, we must be giving it everything it needs and then some, right? Surely this HAS to be the way to go? Well, not necessarily.

I am all for embracing advances in skincare, and as a self confessed beauty addict I am the first to admit to using my fair share of products regularly. But sometimes simplicity wins hands down and Balm Balm does exactly that.

I have to say that the price of these products is really quite fantastic when you consider what you are getting. 100% organic, 100% natural and Soil Association certified, Balm Balm founder Glenda Taylor aimed to make a range like this accessible to all. It is hardly surprising that with her wealth of expertise the products perform well too. 

The ingredients list on every product is simple to understand; personally, that is something I LOVE to see when looking at products. Not only that but many of the products are multi-purpose. In addition to the all over balms (as the name would suggest these can be used, well, all over), many of the other products can be used in numerous ways too. Take the Balm Balm Face Balm (£6.99) for example. Use it as a cleanser, as a moisturiser, or as a balm to smooth lips or tackle dry skin patches. This highlights the purity of the formulations perfectly; they can be used in so many ways.

My personal fave? Balm Balm Coconut Cleanser (£13.25) Although an oil formulation, the product still cleanses well, works perfectly on my combination skin and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. If you are keen to try the range, then Balm Balm Organic Facial Kit (£13.25) would be a good buy. The set contains 4 products plus a muslin cloth, for under £15. That has to be worth a go!

Buy the range here: Balm Balm