Monday, 18 March 2013

Rahua Haircare

Rahua (pronounced ‘Ra-wa’) is a luxury organic haircare range based on the benefits of Rahua oil, used for centuries by the Quecha-Shuar tribe in the Amazon.  The women of the tribe credit the oil as the reason for their thick, lustrous hair and the aim of the range is to improve hair strength to enable growth with less breakage.  

The key to Rahua's outstanding performance is its molecular structure. Unlike other botanical oils that simply coat strands, the extraordinarily small Rahua oil molecule deeply penetrates the hair's cortex – bonding and repairing it – while simultaneously smoothing the hair's cuticle. There are no silicones in the formulations, no lauryl sulphate, no parabens, no synthetic ingredients, and all products are suitable for vegans.

The Rahua shampoo, £27 is great for dry/damaged/frizzy/thick hair, while the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo, £27 is for all hair types and great for thin, oily and limp hair. One of stars of the range is been the Rahua finishingtreatment, £38. This is a great product to use after you blow dry and flat iron your hair. A little goes a long way and it provides a subtle sheen and helps keep the ends looking healthy and polished. This really felt luxurious. The Rahua range is a beauty favourite of Gwyneth Paltrow & Megan Fox!

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