Friday, 6 September 2013

Micellar Water Revolution

A one-swipe cleanse that leaves skin glowing - without irritation or harsh surfactants? No wonder Micellar waters are beauty’s next big thing. Micellar waters are super fresh, light cleansers that feel like toners but contain microscopic oil spheres that cleanse without stripping leaving skin without residue or irritation.
We are talking about a whole new product category now being hailed as the next BB creams. 

The one-swipe, no rinse action makes them fresh, new and super convenient. The clever formula cleans skin without irritation so it’s ideal for stressed, over-worked lifestyles we are now prone to. 

The secret is in the cleansing molecules. In soap they can be harsh but in micellar waters they are clustered together in arrangements called micelles. Unlike wipes, they allow dirt to be ‘sucked’ off the skin without residue or irritation. 

Want to embrace the micellar water revolution? We’ve selected the best eco alternatives:

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