Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Swell 3-Step Hair Care System

Swell is the haircare brand everyone's talking about. Its breakthrough 3-Step System is a saviour for fine, limp and thinning hair.

Obviously I like using natural products on my hair and Swell’s volumising system makes my hair thicker, fuller and naturally stronger as well as leaving it smelling divine.
This is a unique range with at least 97% natural formulas with no silicones, parabens SLS or build-up plus inspirational signature aromas from pure essential oils.  

The main active ingredient is Peruvian Maca, which is proven to stimulate growth, protects the hair from environmental stress and reduces hair loss. The result: hair growth improved (by up to 93%), hair loss reduced (by up to 50%) with less fall-out and healthier growth. Amen to that.

Shop here for: Swell Hair (samples available).