Tuesday, 17 March 2015

La Potion Infinie by Argentum

ARgENTUM uses the timeless strength of silver to deliver la potion infinie. After many years of research in the field of anti-ageing ARgENTUM has formulated a patent pending fusion of two vital ingredients – Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. The result is a natural, super hydrating cream that may visibly improve fine lines, wrinkles and the overall texture of your skin. la potion infinie is 99.5% from natural origins. Here we catch up with CEO & Founder, Joy Isaacs.

Tell us a little bit about the story behind La Potion Infinie?
The idea to start ARgENTUM came to me a few years ago when I had an actual dream about Colloidal Silver with its extraordinary antibacterial and healing properties and using it in skincare. Prior to this dream I experienced a severe infection after major surgery and my saving grace was the Doctors agreeing to use expensive silver wound dressings, which ended up being miraculous in their healing power. This traumatic experience must have stayed in my subconscious, only to resurface at a later time as an empowering dream. Since then the journey to deliver a magical product with integrity and love, has been an inspiring one.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started?
I could say I wish I’d known this or that, but the story of ARgENTUM has been all about the journey and the joy of learning, every step of the way. I try and stay focused on the moment-by moment creating whilst holding a vision of the end result, which is easier said than done. I don’t know everything, nor do I feel I need to; instead I make a point of being guided by my intuition.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
I love all the different aspects and involvement that come with being an entrepreneur. For me, the hardest part is trying to juggle being a mother and pursuing a corporate career. I have three very active boys who take me far away from the world of beauty…maybe that brings in the balance I so desperately crave.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
What matters, is what you make matter. We always have a choice, even if it’s how we choose to feel about something. I try and focus my energy only on what I want to matter, what is important to me and what is positive. Self-help authors like Neale Donald Walsch explain this notion beautifully. I have applied this concept to ARgENTUM, making sure we focus on our core belief of beauty delivered with integrity and love, because I wholeheartedly believe what you give out, you get back.

What are your everyday beauty essentials?
That would have to be mascara first and my runner up is eyeliner. As I have gotten older, I have become more aware of protecting my eyes from the daily barrage of black kohl and gunk we plaster in and around this delicate area, so I am always on the lookout for new and natural eye make-up that is non-toxic and gentle.

Who do you admire and why?
There are so many admirable people out there, but today one of them stands out for me and she is Stephanie Thierry, the co-founder of ARgENTUM. Since the start of this journey when I shared my dream with her, she has given me unwavering support and belief in everything we do. When you hold a dream, you are blessed to have the support of dream believers, people who share your passion. I admire her focus and determination in helping to deliver such a natural product.

What’s your favourite holiday spot?
That would have to be Cape Town, South Africa. There is something so unique about being at the most Southern tip of the world, sandwiched between the ocean and table mountain. It has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

If you would treat yourself to one thing this month it would be…
Well I’m lucky enough to have an endless supply of la potion infinie, so I think I would splash out on a manicure and pedicure. The summer is nearly over and I’m going to try and wear sandals until the frostbite sets in.

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