Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Nvey Eco: Best Concealer

NVEY ECO Organic Erase Concealer has won Best Concealer in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2008 so a review was in order. This is a very good concealer and goes a long way in covering under-eye circles, blurring over acne scars or discoloration, and neutralizing any red spots. This organic concealer cream feels rich but light, it easily sinks into skin and settles down into a silky, non-greasy finish. And let’s not forget Nvey Eco is certified organic as well as “paraben free, SLS free, GM free, cruelty free, talc free, and contains no propylene glycol or petroleum based ingredients.”

Any downsides? Nvey Eco concealer doesn’t come in enough shades. It comes in only two colors which works well on fair to light tan skin tones. Anyone with deep-medium to darker skin, however, will probably find this concealer to be too light. Besides that, this is a very nice concealer. If you have fair to medium skin, I recommend giving it a try. NVEY ECO Organic Erase Concealer (£13.95) and the full Nvey Eco Organic Makeup line are available from Naturisimo The Organic Skincare Company.